How to buy movies on YouTube

Do you want to know how to watch, buy or rent a movie on YouTube? Read this article! Find out with Libero Tecnologia some information on how to do it.

After a long day of work and daily tasks, there's nothing better than unplugging and relaxing, watching a good movie alone or in company. There are many platforms available out there that provide a subscription to enjoy the visual offerings. If you're looking for a particular movie, you can also find it on YouTube. Some movies are free to watch, as are many videos, but you'll also have premium channels based on subscription and rental. Here's some info to learn more.

Films to watch on YouTube

YouTube is one of the most famous platforms in the world that allows the sharing and viewing of multimedia content on the web in video sharing mode, where you can find, from video clips to short films, live streaming, tutorials, film clips, etc... As you may already know, soon you will be able to find free full-length movies of all genres on YouTube: thrillers, action, comedy, horror, drama, animation... So many titles available ready to accompany you in an evening without the continuous zapping on TV.

Pay movies on YouTube

If you have in mind a particular movie among the latest releases or you want one among those not available free, maybe a cult movie or a great cinematographic success, the best solution is to buy or rent movies on YouTube. You can do this through the official channel of the Google platform in the "Movies and programs" section on "Browse", where you will find other subsections: "Recommended movies for you", based on your recent online searches; then the "New releases", with the latest films shot and the best-selling movies.

The section with "The best deals of the week" contains the most discounted titles of the last seven days (sometimes with a discount of over 100 percent). You can, in this way, discover good proposals and save money. If you have any doubts about the film to choose, YouTube allows you to see the trailer, clearly for free. And you can always consult online the film's file, plot, duration, cast, being careful not to spoil the vision!

To facilitate the search, YouTube proposes its offer of films divided by genre and subgenre: drama, humor, romantic comedies, science fiction, romance, animation, action and adventure, family, documentary, horror, mystery, classic, thriller, sports, music, children, mystery and suspense, superheroes, dance, fantasy, anime. Movies are also categorized according to the actor or director of reference. In short, a catalog, fan-proof!

How to buy or rent movies on YouTube

If you choose to rent your movie on YouTube, there is a nice savings, considering that you will have 30 days to see the film from when the transaction is completed, and 48 hours from when you click on the Play button. If, on the other hand, you choose to purchase the film, it will be in your possession forever. To be able to proceed with the purchase or rental operations, you must be at least 18 years old, reside in a country where the service is supported and have a Google account with a valid payment method.

So, you have to connect to the "Movies and programs" channel on YouTube, tap on the desired film and select the Buy button. On Purchase Options you can take note of the different prices of the title according to the resolution (SD designates standard definition, HD high resolution) or the form of purchase (Rent or Buy). However, HD and UHD titles are only available on certain supported devices and if you have a good and fast Internet connection.

If you have a coupon to use, click on "Enter Promo Code" to display the promo code field. Type in the code and click on the arrow, then click on the relevant purchase button to continue. Then, select your preferred payment method and click Buy to finish the transaction. If the payment is successful, you will be sent a purchase confirmation. Remember that in your account there is an ad-hoc section with the list of all the videos you have purchased.

To watch your movie comfortably on the sofa, you can proceed with the purchase in the latest version of the YouTube app on smart TVs from LG, Panasonic, Roku: LG, Panasonic, Roku, Sony, Vizio. The service is provided in all locations that support it. If you're looking for a movie that isn't currently on YouTube, you can book it and get it directly to your account as soon as it becomes available. In any case, you won't be charged for reservations until the item is added to the platform.

Nothing could be simpler and more enjoyable than watching a good movie from the comfort of your own home on such an authoritative platform as YouTube, where you'll be amazed at the great and varied cinematic offerings available. You just have to try it!