How to buy on Amazon and pay cash in store

Even those who don't want to use electronic payment methods can buy online on Amazon, at no extra cost, using a convenient feature.

Online shopping is now the norm and not only because we have become accustomed to buying on the Internet during the lockdown: today online you can find everything, it's convenient to buy and very often you can get better deals than in physical stores.

But if buying online is convenient and fast it's mainly because online payments have become simple and secure and all cards, both credit and debit, now allow us to pay for the orders we place on e-commerce. Those who do not have a card, eventually, can opt for the transfer accepting 24/48 hours of delay for the confirmation of the purchase, delay due to the time of transfer of money from the bank account of the buyer to that of the seller. There are, however, the irreducible of the cash that just do not want to use cards and transfers. They too, however, can shop online at Amazon. Here's how.

Buy in cash on Amazon: the two methods

The first method to buy online on Amazon but pay in cash is the old cash-on-delivery payment: the courier brings us home the goods and delivers them to us after payment in cash. This method involves a surcharge and is not very convenient because almost never the courier has the change and, therefore, we have to prepare the exact amount.

The second method to buy online on Amazon but pay in cash is the function "Pay Cash in the nearest Store". This is a payment method developed by Amazon in collaboration with Western Union.

Pay Cash in the nearest Store

The procedure is quite simple: you have to place a normal Amazon order and get to the payment stage. At this point we need to add a new payment method and, if the product on sale is eligible, we will be shown this option.

If we choose it, Amazon will generate a code that we can print or leave on our smartphone and then show it in the nearest Western Union point (there are 4,300 throughout Italy and Amazon has a wizard to find the one closest to us).

At this point, at the Western Union counter, we can pay in cash. Immediately after the payment, the order will be finalized exactly as if we had paid by card and without any additional cost (big difference compared to cash on delivery).

The only two limitations of this system are that we have to go to the Western Union point within 48 hours after the creation of the order (which, otherwise, will be cancelled) and that not all products are suitable for this type of shipment.

Find out the adhering stores where you can pay cash on Amazon

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