How to buy tickets on Vivaticket using Skrill

Skrill has been added to the payment methods available on Vivaticket. Users will be able to use it to purchase tickets for sporting events and concerts

Vivaticket and Skrill are partnering to enhance the payment methods available on the e-ticketing platform. Skrill joins those already present on Vivaticket, allowing users to use quick checkout and their credit card, prepaid card or bank transfer accepted in more than 15 European countries. The new payment method can be used for any purchase, whether it's tickets to sporting events (soccer or basketball games) or concerts.

The partnership is a win-win solution for both companies: on the one hand Skrill can increase its user base, and on the other hand Vivaticket offers an additional payment method to its customers. Using Skrill on Vivaticket will also be very simple: in the final phase of the purchase, users will find the new payment method among those proposed. They will have to select it and follow all the steps shown on the screen. In a few steps you will buy tickets for your favorite team.

What is Skrill and how does it work

Skrill is to all intents and purposes an electronic payment system that allows you to create an account and receive and transfer money. The platform also allows you to make online payments and in fact is used by more and more e-commerce sites, such as Vivaticket. The main difference between Skrill and a bank account is the presence/absence of an IBAN code. The bank account is linked to the IBAN, while the Skrill account is linked to your e-mail address. There are several methods of crediting money to the Skrill account: bank transfer or using your credit card.

How to pay with Skrill on Vivaticket

When paying for tickets, users will find Skrill among the various methods. By choosing the Quick Checkout solution, Vivaticket's customers will be able to pay through a bank transfer using the Rapid Transfer system, so that retailers will have the credit to their accounts in real time. Alternatively, you can pay by credit or debit card linked to your Skrill account.

After choosing the payment method and entering your details, you can go straight to the Checkout stage and complete your purchase.