How to calibrate the laptop battery and increase the duration

In the long run the remaining charge indicator on our computer may not work properly, to solve this problem just calibrate the battery

With the passage of time there is a possibility that the laptop battery starts to have problems. For example, it may happen that once you reach 50% or 30% of autonomy, the notebook automatically turns off.

A decrease in computer battery performance over time is normal. Even if we are very careful in managing the laptop recharges in the best possible way. Just as it is normal that the estimates of remaining autonomy, present in the battery icon displayed on the screen of our notebook, in the long run are no longer really reliable. To solve this problem and increase the autonomy of our device we have to calibrate the laptop's battery. This is a very simple option to do on Windows 10 devices, but it will also work on Macs and virtually any machine with a battery.

How to calibrate the battery

The first tip to avoid ruining the battery of our notebook too quickly is to put it on charge when the remaining autonomy is between 20% and 10%. Waiting for the laptop to be completely discharged before plugging it in will increase the likelihood of an autonomy problem. Sometimes the problem is not in our computer's battery but in the indicator on the screen. This can inform us that we still have 50% charge when in fact we are below 10%. In this case, it is very likely that the PC will shut down suddenly, creating various problems. To avoid this we just need to do a battery calibration. Some manufacturers install tools that perform the calibration for us. If in our computer these utilities are not present we can do it manually. First, let's recharge the battery of the device to 100%. At this point we leave the computer on for about two hours, we can use it but at low speed so avoid programs that overheat it. After a couple of hours we access the energy saving settings and set the automatic hibernation when the device reaches the remaining 5%. At this point we unplug the laptop and let it automatically reach the 5% remaining battery until it hibernates. Warning, on some devices the limit of charge remaining for hibernation is 6 or 7%. Once this is done we can recharge the computer. In this way we'll extend the laptop's battery and recalibrate the remaining autonomy indicator. And we'll avoid sudden shutdowns.