How to call an Android friend with FaceTime

Apple has recently opened up the use of FaceTime from Android or Windows devices, with some limitations: here is the second life of FaceTime

FaceTime is one of Apple's longest-running services. It was announced more than ten years ago, and until now it has remained a service reserved only for Apple users, i.e. those who own an iPhone, an iPad or a Mac, who have been able to call and video call each other freely using the internet connection.

Recently Apple has decided to be less inflexible on the "requirements" to use FaceTime, and although with many restrictions in Cupertino have extended their hand to those who use an Android or a Windows computer. A historic turning point, if you think that from the presentation of FaceTime (2010) to yesterday Apple has never moved an inch from its position. At the moment it could be better: the browser-based solution reserved for non-Apple users is in Beta, and those who have tested it say that the connection to the call is not too stable, but like all innovations it may need a bit of running in before it gets up to speed and works properly.

How to call an Android with FaceTime

The first option to call an Android friend with FaceTime for iPhone and iPad is to open the FaceTime app and tap the Create Link option. Immediately, upon pressing it, the classic sharing screen appears, from which you select the medium through which to share the link to the call.

The alternatives are the typical ones offered by iOS and iPadOS, namely Messages, WhatsApp, Telegram, Messenger and so on. Once you've sent the link to the call, you have to wait for the recipient - in the example an Android user, but it can also be one with Windows - to tap the link that opens a web page through which they can join the call.

The other option - the most immediate - to call an Android friend with FaceTime is to open the app and tap the New FaceTime Call item. If the person you want to call has an Apple device, they'll receive the FaceTime call directly, but if they have an Android phone, the app automatically generates a link that allows the recipient to answer the call through a web browser.

How to call from Android with FaceTime

There's no FaceTime app for Android, and it's not possible - at least not for now - to call an iPhone from an Android through FaceTime. You can only participate in a call created from an iPhone, and it wasn't so obvious that it would happen: Apple for years has shown its intention to keep FaceTime closed to Apple users only, and only recently opened up the possibility of giving Android and Windows customers a chance.

So the scenario of a FaceTime app for Android is, as of now, rather unlikely.

Does one need an Apple account to participate in FaceTime?"

Those participating as "called in", so Android or Windows users, don't need an Apple account for a FaceTime call. In fact, it is sufficient to enter the name before taking part in the call,  which will then be shown to the caller. The person who initiated the call, then, by recognizing the name will be able to start the communication.