How to cancel subscriptions from the App Store

From Spotify to Netflix, there are several subscription services that we can subscribe to with our iPhone or Mac, here's how to cancel the subscription

We signed up with our iPhone or iPad, to the free trial of a subscription service. Like Netflix or Spotify, for example. How do we cancel our subscription before we start the paid period? It's very simple, and it only takes a few clicks to do it.

Nowadays there are several Apple devices through which to subscribe. In addition to the classic iPhone and iPad, we can also register with the Mac and even with the Apple TV. But not always the service we subscribe to meets our expectations. And cancelling the subscription is the only weapon at our disposal. Fortunately, on Apple devices it's quite simple, just follow our guide.

iPhone and iPad

Let's start with the procedure to put into practice if we own an iPhone or an iPad. For tablets and smartphones, in fact, the steps are the same. First we have to take the device and go to the Settings section. It is easy to recognize it, it is the one marked by the gear icon. Once opened the Settings section we must click on the iTunes and App Store. And then select Apple ID. At this point we will be asked to enter the password or our fingerprint, depending on the security system we have chosen. We do this and a new window will open. By clicking on our account we will access the page with the list of active subscriptions in our Apple account. Cancelling a paid service is simple. Click on its name and in the pop-up menu select "cancel subscription", then confirm the operation and that's it.


The steps are a bit different instead if we have a subscription with our Mac. First, we need to go to iTunes. The app is easily recognizable thanks to the music note icon. Inside iTunes we look for and select the Store section within our music library. Once in the Store, look for the Account item in the right column and click on it. At this point we scroll through the list that appears until the words Manage Subscriptions. To delete a paid service, just click on it with the mouse and from the pop-up menu select "cancel subscription".

Apple TV

Also on Apple TV we can subscribe to subscription services, such as Netflix. But how do we unsubscribe? First, we need to go to the Settings of our smart TV. From there we select Accounts and then enter the Manage Subscriptions section. We choose the subscription we want to delete and click on the Delete Subscription option. We confirm the operation and that's it.