How to cancel your Spotify Premium subscription

In this article we'll provide you with detailed instructions on how to cancel Spotify Premium through the dedicated website, iTunes and other procedures.

The Spotify platform really offers a lot of advantages and opportunities to those who love music and want to listen to it without compromise.

The Spotify platform offers a lot of advantages and opportunities to those who love music and want to listen to it without compromises. However, when you subscribe to Spotify, it is important to know how to cancel Spotify, so you can choose when you want to withdraw from the contract of use.

There are different procedures depending on how the premium account was activated. For example, to cancel a Spotify subscription activated through the dedicated platform, thus using the website or the app, will be different from cancelling a subscription made through iTunes. In any case, it's just a few simple steps.

Cancel Spotify: how to do it on the platform

To deactivate your Spotify subscription from the official website you must first connect, through the "sign in" button, located at the top right, filling in the dedicated fields. Alternatively, those who have registered for the service through Facebook can use it to connect. At this point you'll have to go and look for the "Subscription" item, located to the side, and once the page opens you'll have to click on the "Spotify" heading that will appear in the middle. At this point it will come out "Cancel your subscription". Pressing this button will open a new page, in which the service will ask why you want to cancel your Spotify subscription, going to select the reason from the dropdown menu, and then clicking "continue".

At this point you'll have to select "Cancel my subscription", then going to enter the password of your Spotify account in the appropriate field, then confirm with the "Cancel Spotify Premium subscription" button. At the end of all the steps, if they have been performed correctly, the page of your subscription will indicate from what date the premium service will be deactivated to return to the free one, which includes the passage of advertising. Until that day, the service will continue to work.

Once the service has expired, the subscription section of your account will indicate that you are using Spotify free. However, you can always change your mind and reactivate your Premium account.

Cancel Spotify subscription via iTunes

Alternatively, you can cancel Spotify Premium using iTunes. This can be done from your iPhone or iPad, but also from Mac and PC. How? First you'll have to access the home screen from your device, then you'll have to click on "Settings". At this point you'll see a screen, in which you'll have to select the item "App Store and iTunes Store" and click on it. Then you have to click on the entry of your Apple ID and click on "View Apple ID". If you are not already logged in, you will have to log in by entering your password.

A new screen will be shown in which you will have to locate the "Subscriptions" section: from here you will have to tap on "Manage" and then on the "Spotify" item. It will be necessary, at this point, to move the lever under the item "Automatic renewal" to "off". When you finish these operations, if you are convinced that you want to deactivate the Spotify subscription, you'll have to click on the "Finish" button. You can do the same type of operation directly using iTunes, from Mac or PC. Just access the service and click on the icon with your name, obviously after logging in with your data.

At this point you'll have to click on "Account information", in the menu that appears, and type the password of your Apple account again. Then you have to click on "View account". At this point a new screen will appear, in which you'll have to look for the "Settings" section and then the "Subscriptions" item. The "Manage" button will appear and you'll have to click on it to continue. At this point you'll be able to finish the process by clicking on the "Edit" item at the Spotify icon and checking "Disable" in the "Automatic renewal" section. Then just click on "Finish" to finish the procedure to deactivate your Spotify Premium subscription.

Other ways to deactivate your Spotify subscription

If you have a Premium account with other companies, to deactivate your Spotify subscription you'll have to contact the reference company, connecting to the personal area of the dedicated website. You'll then have to go find the section dedicated to active services and follow the procedures for deactivation. Each company will of course have different procedures, so if you find yourself in difficulty, the best thing to do is to contact the dedicated customer service, to ask for help, so you can complete the operation without too many difficulties.