How to cancel your subscription to Now TV

In this article we will explain what is the correct procedure to perform the cancellation of Now TV. Discover with Libero Tecnologia how to do it.

Cancelling a subscription is not always a simple operation: often it can be a cumbersome and long pocedimento. In reality, canceling the subscription of Now TV is not at all complicated. The Sky service is in fact simple and easy to use in all its steps including the cancellation. So if, after taking advantage of the free trial period, you do not want to continue, or you have decided that this type of service is not appropriate to your needs, here's how to cancel it, step by step.

Cancel some services of Now TV

To cancel Now TV in relation to some services you must first connect to the appropriate site,, and access your account, entering your username and password in the appropriate box. Once logged in, you must enter your user profile by clicking on the icon with your name at the top right, and select the item "My offer". From here you access the panel where you can manage your subscription. In this summary page appears the list of active Now TV services. You will then have to locate the ticket that you want to deactivate and click on "Edit" next to it. It will open a box in which you must select the reason for which you want to deactivate and confirm.

Complete Now TV cancellation

If you want to make a cancellation of Now TV 360 degrees, you must repeat the same operation for all services that are active in your subscription, including the option that allows you to view content in HD. Of course the cancellation causes the loss of all promotional services that were used during the subscription. If instead you choose to deactivate the service completely, you must deactivate the automatic renewal Now TV. This must be done within 24 hours of the subscription expiring, and in this case there are no constraints to comply with or penalties to pay. To do this you will have to access your profile by entering your credentials, then simply deactivate the automatic renewal. At any time you can still reactivate your subscription, provided that you have not completely deleted your account.

How to cancel Now TV from your smartphone

If you need to proceed quickly and can not wait to be in front of a PC, because perhaps it is about to trigger the automatic renewal, it is good to know how to cancel Now TV from your smartphone. It is easy to manage your subscription on a mobile device, although the cancellation Now TV is not feasible through the app. How then? Just connect to the site through a browser, launching it on your device and connecting to the site, exactly as you would do from a PC.

Also in this case, then, you will have to access by entering your username and password, and then follow the same steps used for the computer: you will have to access your profile and select the item "My offer", then going to change the ticket that you want to delete from your subscription. Also in this case you will be asked for the reason for the deactivation of Now TV. Just select the desired item and confirm. In the same way you can disable the automatic renewal of the subscription, just as you do through the PC.

The withdrawal from Now TV

The withdrawal from Now TV also provides, if you had purchased during the subscription, the return of Now TV Smart Stick or Now TV Box. This is possible using the right of withdrawal, within 14 days from the date of delivery of the device, if you should change your mind shortly after making the purchase: in this case you will not have to bear the cost of deactivation, but simply pay for the shipment of the devices. To do this, you will need to download the appropriate form on the Now TV website, located in the "Account and payment", in the page on the return of items, then print it, fill it out and click the "request return" button.

At this point you will have to send the complete equipment, including power supply, Hdmi cable, remote control and other accessories to the address on the form, possibly using the same packaging in which everything was received. The address to which to address the shipment is: c/o SG Logistics, Via Bari 2, CAP 00065, Fiano Romano (Rome). As recipient you will have to insert Now TV device return. Once the operation is completed, within 14 days after the return Now TV will make the refund.