How to change iPhone battery

After years of honorable service, is your iPhone battery lasting less and less? A problem that affects a higher number of users than you might think, especially for those who own a device a few years old. In some cases you can take some steps to extend the battery life of your phone, otherwise there's little you can do: the only solution is to change the iPhone battery.

In fact, even if Apple has integrated in one of the latest iOS updates an automated power saving system, having a battery at the end of its life cycle will inevitably affect the performance of your iPhone. In case you have an iPhone 6, iPhone 6s or iPhone 7, the system devised by the Cupertino company's engineers and developers will make the iPhone slow, so as to preserve battery life and provide you with a longer autonomy.

In short, even if your phone reaches the end of the day you'll have to deal with a system that will take longer to open an app or load a web page. If we really don't want to part with our old iPhone to switch to a new applephone like the iPhone 12 Pro, we just have to find out how to replace the iPhone battery. Let's see the procedure to follow and where to buy batteries compatible with Apple's iOS devices.

When to change the iPhone battery

Those who do not want to spend too much but want an applefonino can buy an old iPhone, however, one of the main problems is the poor efficiency of the battery. After 4-5 years the battery life is significantly reduced, so you need to be careful. The same happens with new phones, in fact, if you keep them for many years sooner or later it will be essential to replace the battery, otherwise the performance will decrease more and more as time goes by. There are several signs that the battery needs to be changed, such as when the iPhone suddenly shuts down, the charge lasts just a few hours, or the performance of apps that are no longer optimal.

What to do before changing the iPhone battery

Before changing the iPhone battery it is advisable to do some preliminary steps, to protect yourself in case things do not go as planned. First of all, make sure that you have backed up your iPhone in the last week, so you can be sure that you can recover apps and data should you be forced to change your device. Then it's better to check if the Apple warranty is still valid, in that case it would be better not to open our device because if we do this operation in a non-Apple center or at home do-it-yourself we will invalidate the warranty.

At this point it is also important to check that you have not subscribed to the additional warranty AppleCare +, which allows even after the classic warranty year to have a free battery replacement. Remember, finally, that if we replace the battery in an Apple center or in another specialized store we will still receive a new warranty on the replaced product, which obviously we will not have if we replace the piece independently. In any case, the choice is entirely personal, depending on the type of protection you want for your iOS device.

Replacing the iPhone battery in a specialized center

If we do not intend to "get our hands dirty", because we do not trust our knowledge in the technological field and we prefer to have our iPhone battery replaced by a professional, we have two alternatives: take the iPhone to an Apple center or turn to an electronics and repair store recognized by the Cupertino company.

By relying on Apple's assistance we will be sure that the repair parts are original, paying a price not too high (55 euros for out-of-warranty battery replacement for iPhone 8 Plus and previous models, or 75 euros for newer iPhones; for more information you can consult the page on Apple's official website).

Choosing a third-party store means paying less (from 40 to 60 euros on average), as well as having generally shorter waiting times (from a few hours to a day) to have our iPhone back with a new, perfectly working battery.

Replacing iPhone battery by yourself

How complicated can it be to replace an iPhone battery? The answer is: it depends. In the sense that opening the case, removing the small screws, moving some cables and disconnecting the battery sounds simple enough. Too bad, however, that the screws and the silicone of the case are not very easy to open without the right tools, which not everyone has at home. In addition, any abrupt gesture in removing the battery can break another component of the phone, with the possibility of even causing permanent damage to the iPhone.

At the same time, we must not forget that if it is the first time we do such an operation it will take some time, especially if you want to ensure a perfect job to complete the battery change without doing any damage. Buying a battery for the iPhone on Amazon allows you to buy this component and spend little, without additional costs for installation, however, those who do not feel confident can safely take the phone to a specialized center, turning to an expert technician to change the iPhone battery.

The best batteries for old iPhone models

On Amazon you can find compatible iPhone batteries, with models for all major older generation iOS devices, such as the iPhone 7 and 6s. Here are what are the best products to buy to replace the iPhone battery even by yourself.

Battery with iPhone 6 kit Flylinktech

Flylinktech makes available on Amazon the compatible battery for the iPhone 6, a 2500 mAh Li-On model that can provide superior performance compared to the original component. This product, in fact, has 690 mAh more capacity, with a voltage of 3.82 volts and a specific capacity of 9.55 kWh. It is compatible with iPhone 6 models A1549, A1586 and A1589, it is shipped with the set of tools for assembly, the required international certifications and a 12-month warranty.

Battery with iPhone 6s ZMNT kit

If your iPhone 6s has lost its performance you don't necessarily have to throw it away, in fact you can buy a compatible ZMNT battery. This specific model for the iPhone 6s has a capacity of 2300 mAh, and is compatible with the A1633, A1688 and A1700 series devices. It is sold with all mandatory legal certifications, a 12-month warranty on the product and the complete kit for battery replacement and installation of the new one.

Battery with iPhone 7 kit Ockered

To change the battery of the iPhone 7 Ockered offers a certified compatible product, a high capacity lithium-ion battery of 2200 mAh. It comes with an assembly kit, with all the necessary tools to remove the old battery and install the new one. The company guarantees a performance up to 12% higher than the original battery, with a duration of more than 500 charging cycles and 24 months after-sales warranty.

Iphone 7 Plus battery with Flylinktech kit

An efficient and economical replacement for the battery of the iPhone 7 Plus is the one proposed by Flylinktech, a compatible model with a capacity of 900 mAh higher than the original Apple battery. Overall, this product offers a capacity of 3800 mAh and 14.52 kWh, with a voltage of 3.80 volts to ensure really high performance. The energy device supports iPhone 7 Plus A1661, A1784 and A1785, it is certified according to FCC, RoHS and CE standards, also included in the price are the tools for changing the battery.

Iphone SE (2016) battery with MNT kit

Before the iPhone SE 2020 this device was already offered in 2016, however if after 5 years it no longer provides efficient performance just buy the compatible iPhone SE 2016 battery from MNT. This model has a capacity of 2050 mAh, with identical dimensions compared to the original battery, plus it has advanced safety systems and all European certifications. The seller offers a 2-year warranty, as well as a complete installation kit.

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