How to change search engine on Android

Google is creating a simpler method, and in line with European Union guidelines, to change the default search engine on Android.


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Also on Android it is possible to change search engine. After continuous pressure from the European Commission on the setting that, previously, did not allow the user to independently choose the channel for searches on devices equipped with the robot operating system, now finally Google opens to the option.

This is not a decision taken lightly, since in 2018 the company had to put on a good face before a fine of 4.24 billion euros just from the EU for a competitive advantage related to the Android operating system, which did not allow to change the search engine. After receiving the heavy penalty, Google has been forced to adapt to the will of Europe, confirming in recent hours the decisive turn with a post on the official blog.

Android, how to change search engine

While waiting for the implementation of the new options, which will be completed by the third quarter of this year, you can already act on the settings in a few simple steps to change at least the preferred search engine on Chrome for Android.

To change your choice and set a new engine on your smartphone running Big G's operating system, simply open the Chrome app on your phone or tablet by tapping on the More icon (three dots) located on the right side of the address bar.

On reaching the "Basic Settings" section, you need to tap on the "Search Engine" heading, selecting the one you'd like to use next. To make things easier, the ones you have used recently are already added to the list, allowing you to proceed with a quick selection based on your habits.

Of course, the whole process is reversible: you can change your mind, choosing a different one among the many available on the net or going back to Google, at any time following the same steps.

In case you decide to keep Google as default, it is correct to remember that unless the feature is deactivated, for searches performed through the address bar is used your location, provided by the device in use. The option is deactivated by tapping on the padlock to the left of the site url > Permissions > Location access > Lock by current search engine.

Android and search engine, Google's comment

By posting on Big G's blog Oliver Bethell, Google's director of legal, commented on the company's move emphasizing the gesture of openness towards its users: "We've always believed in offering choices to people and businesses and competing on the merits of our services. And we know that people choose Google because it's useful; not because there are no alternatives."

Bethell, then reiterated his openness to working with the EU in the future as well: "We will continue to invest in Google Search and Android to make them the most useful products available and we appreciate the open dialogue with the European Commission on these areas."