How to change the theme of your Telegram chats

Telegram is one of the instant messaging apps that allows you to customize your experience the most: here's how to change the theme of your chats.

The instant messaging app landscape is certainly dominated by WhatsApp, but the market offers several alternatives. One of the best-known is Telegram, a service founded in 2013 by Russian brothers Nikolaj and Pavel Durov that in a short time has managed to build a large group of users ready to use it and recommend it to friends.

Telegram has had a number of competitive advantages over the competition, among which have always stood out the groups up to 200 thousand participants or the ability to have a conversation with themselves that acts as a file storage in the cloud, not coincidentally called by Telegram Saved Messages. Close to last Christmas, the founder said that the platform has reached 500 million active users per month, a goal evidently the result of the quality of the instant messaging service, also widely used for the mechanism of the channels with which companies, organizations such as Civil Defense or the Ministry of Health, information sites, can unilaterally send messages to members.

The customization of chats on Telegram

Despite some of the features that make Telegram peculiar, among the aspects that instead the service has in common with the competition is to customize the appearance of conversations, then the ability to change the theme to the chats of Telegram.

A triviality, of course, but that sometimes, especially if you are new to the service, can become an operation more abstruse than you might think. Don't worry, though: here's how to change the theme of your chats and modify their settings. The steps described below are roughly identical between Android and iOS smartphones, any macroscopic differences between the two environments will be pointed out along the way.

First you need to open the Telegram app, which you can download for free from Google's Play Store or Apple's App Store. Then you need to tap on the hamburger symbol at the top left of the main screen on Android or directly on the Settings item at the bottom right on iOS to open the menu, then on the former you need to enter Chat Settings while on the latter you just need to tap on the Appearance item.

From here you can adjust based on your tastes a number of aspects, starting from the size of the text to move to the night mode, the size of the Emoji, the color accent to give to the messages and also, and this is what interests us, the Chat Background.

Changing the look of chats on Telegram

At this point Telegram lets you choose whether to set a color from those proposed or choose a custom one, whether to choose a pattern from those proposed, or even whether to choose an image contained in the phone's gallery to turn it into a background for conversations.

Once you've made your choice, in the Background Preview screen, Telegram lets you further customize the setting by choosing various parameters including the pattern and its chromatic gradation, or see in action the movement of the pattern - if set - using the play button.

As soon as you're satisfied with the result, just press Set to make it final.