How to change Twitter password

Due to a flaw on the storage systems millions of users of the social Twitter are at risk, here's how to update your password and protect your profile

Wanting to look for a comical side in what happened, provided that it is possible to do so of course, is that everything was made known in the World Password Day, day in which we should celebrate the importance of creating and using secure passwords and difficult to hack to defend their accounts.

Just on this day, Twitter admits to having made a rather gross mistake, storing the passwords of 330 million users in an internal database without protecting them with some form of encryption.

In case a hacker had managed to break into the microblogging platform's IT infrastructure, he could have gotten hold of the users' passwords without much difficulty. It is not known whether this has happened, but for greater caution Twitter suggests to all its members to change their passwords immediately. A warning about this is shown to users as soon as they log in to the social network: in case it doesn't happen, changing Twitter password manually is very simple.

How to change Twitter password from PC

On Twitter, click on the round icon with your profile picture in the upper right corner and, in the menu that appears, select the item Settings and privacy. In the left column, choose the section Password: here just type your old password and, in the two lines below, enter the new access key twice. In case you don't want to rack your head, you can have Chrome help you create a secure password.

To improve the security of your profile, it is more than advisable to turn on two-factor authentication: that way, even if someone discovers your password, they still won't be able to access your profile. From the same section of the Settings, click on Accounts in the left column and, in the security section, click on the "Configure Access Verification" button. This will start the process of activating two-step verification.

How to change Twitter password from smartphone

If you want, you can also change Twitter password via the app. From the main screen, press on the round icon with your profile picture and choose the Settings and Privacy item. From here press on the Account item and then Password: you can then change the access key to your account and sleep soundly.