How to change voice to Siri

On iPhone and iPad, you can change the language of Siri and try the voice assistant in English or any other language. Here's how to do it

"Hey Siri" is one of the most popular and used features on Apple devices. The Cupertino company's voice assistant is one of the secrets of the iPhone's success: just a few words are enough to get information about traffic and weather forecasts.

Siri is available in many different languages: if you want to change from Italian to English or vice versa, you can do so. What few people know is that Siri's female voice can be changed to a male one. The feature was added with iOS 10 and does not change anything in terms of functionality. What the female Siri could do, the male Siri will be able to do as well. The process of changing gender to Siri's voice is very simple, but first you will need to download the package with Luca's voice (the name given to the male Siri). Here's how to do it.

How to put male voice to Siri on iPhone

With iOS 10, the ability to change Siri's voice and choose a male one has been added. By default, however, you won't be able to make the change. You will first need to download the package with Luca's voice and then change it from the settings of your Apple device. The first thing you'll have to do is go into Settings, click on General and then on Accessibility. At this point you'll have to click on "Voice" and then on "Voices". A list will open with all the languages supported by the voice assistant: pressing on Italian will give access to a new window with all the Siri voices. We will discover that the voice we listen to every day is "Alice", but you can also download the voices of "Federica" and "Luca". If we want the male one, we'll have to choose Luca and click on the cloud icon next to his name.

Once the download is complete, we'll have to go back to Settings, click on "Siri" in the left column and then on Voices. Here you will be able to choose between male and female. The male voice can also be used for VoiceOver, the function dedicated to those who have visual impairments and can not read the content on the iPad