How to change WhatsApp font

To change WhatsApp font you can use third-party applications. Here are the best ones to install on Android

There are many reasons why WhatsApp is the most used application in the World. In addition to allowing you to send messages to your friends for free, over the years has implemented new features very useful, such as sending images, videos and documents. Or the ability to make calls and video calls. There are some features, however, that WhatsApp has never wanted to integrate. For example, the ability to change the font of messages.

We can put bold, or write in italics, but you can not change the font of the message. This is a limitation that many users, especially younger ones, try to overcome by installing modified versions of WhatsApp that very often put their personal data at risk. To change the font of WhatsApp you can use a simple trick: install third-party apps that are secure and do not steal user data. There are dozens of such apps available on the Google Play Store and the App Store: among the best ones is BlueWords, a very easy-to-use app that allows you to change the font on WhatsApp.

How to customize WhatsApp font

WhatsApp allows users to customize the font but not to change it. The user can write a word in bold, italic, strikethrough or using the "monospaced" font. It's not a trick, but a simple feature of WhatsApp that few people know about.

To customize the font on WhatsApp just select a word and a small window will appear on the screen with a few options, including "Bold," "Italic," "Strikethrough" and "Monospaced." Just select one of these items to customize the word font.

How to change WhatsApp font with BlueWords

To change WhatsApp font you need to use third-party applications. One of the best ones present on the Google Play Store is BlueWords. The application is very easy to use: after downloading and installing it on your smartphone, you have to launch it and enter the word you want to customize.

BlueWords offers several fonts for WhatsApp that make unique messages to send to your friends. You can color the text blue, or use symbols. Once you choose your font, just share it on WhatsApp and send your message. BlueWords can also be used for other messaging applications.