How to change your name on Instagram

Do you know the difference between username and Instagram name? Do you know how to change them? Here are all the answers to your questions: it's time to renew your profile

The username is a real trademark on social networks: there are those who invent a nickname and keep it for years, those who prefer the classic first and last name and then there is that group of users who loves to invent new names. If you are part of this group and want to change the name on Instagram, you're in the right place.

Unfortunately, achieving the goal is very simple, but before going on we must emphasize that there is an important difference between username and name. The first one is the one displayed under the classic snail (@) by all other users, the second one appears only in the personal profile, exactly under the image chosen as avatar. The name has no restrictions, it can be changed as many times as you want and does not have to be unique. The username can be compared to the address of a web page, because it leads immediately to the profile and therefore must be unique. Let's see its characteristics and how to change it.

Instagram username: what characteristics it must have

When you sign up for Instagram, the system asks you to enter a username and already from this moment its importance is clear. In fact, you have to respect some indications. First of all, as already mentioned it must be unique otherwise the system will not allow you to continue creating the account. Also, it must be less than 30 characters and it can only have letters, numbers, dots and other characters, but there can't be spaces.

Also, the username must not contain scurrilous, violent or controversial words because the system doesn't accept particular terms considered scurrilous or compromising. These are the basic rules for creating the username, what most people call a name on Instagram. Now let's see how to edit it.

How to edit your name on Instagram

First, you need to access your profile and tap on the "edit profile" entry that appears under the biography, that is, the short description under the profile picture. Here there will be two entries: name and username or user name. Just enter the new appellations, the check mark in the top right corner and you're done. From the web version for PC, the steps are the same only instead of having the check mark as in the app, you have the "Submit" button at the end of the page.

Unfortunately it could happen that in some cases the username is not available, fortunately the system indicates this with a small red writing right next to the field to be filled. Just try with other variations until the message will no longer be shown and in its place will appear a small green tick, indicating that the name is free.

What happens when you change your username on Instagram

Once you have changed the username people will no longer be able to track you down with the old one: a page will appear in which Instagram informs you that that account does not exist. But it can also happen that another user takes the same name as you and then "occupies" your account. In this case, people looking for you with your old name will find another profile. Since the username is a real URL if you have linked your profile with your old name outside Instagram, people will not be able to find you anymore, so if you change your username make sure you update all the web pages where you have linked your profile.

Naturally changing the username will not change any element of the profile and followers will remain the same. However, they might not recognize you and get confused which might lead them to defollow. In short, changing your username on the social network is a very delicate operation that could lead to some changes in the number of followers and more. That's why it's important to think about it carefully and maybe communicate it in advance to the fanbase.