How to check compatibility with Windows 11 with Windows Update

While there's still debate about the technical requirements of Windows 11, which could prevent millions of users around the world from upgrading, a tool to check compatibility appears online

The latest Microsoft announcement about computer requirements for Windows 11 installation reaffirmed the importance of the PC Health Check app, the tool made available by Redmond to check compatibility.

The news comes from the pages of Reddit, the great forum of the web that collects participants from all over the world. This is a novelty that, until now, had not yet been officially leaked by Microsoft. The company had in fact limited itself to confirming a new preview of the tool with the latest integrations related to the processors that have become part of the list of those approved for the new OS, namely the Intel Core X Series, Xeon W Series and Intel Core 7829HQ. A decision that hasn't calmed down, however, since the entire AMD Ryzen 1 family and a good chunk of Intel's seventh-generation processors have been left off the list.

Windows 11 and Windows Update, what's up?

According to reports from some users, all belonging to the Release Preview channel of the Insider program, the settings page of the Windows Update app on the Windows 10 operating system has recently started showing a particular message. The on-screen communication shows the confirmation of the compatibility of your terminal with the next OS, as well as a generic reference to the expected waiting time for the download.

This could provide a kind of targeted information for Release Preview users, signaling that also for them - as already happened for Dev and Beta - the package dedicated to the installation is coming. Although there are no exact dates, the operation should take place in advance of mid-October/November, when Windows 11 is expected to be launched for the general public.

How to check Windows Update compatibility

As you can easily imagine, the Windows Update feature is unlikely to remain relegated to beta testers. In the future, when it will be available for everyone, checking via Windows Update will be just a matter of a handful of clicks.

To locate the application, you need to click on the "Start" button and select the "Settings" item. On the screen you'll find the heading "Update and Security"; inside it you can find Windows Update, the same utility that is leveraged to check for updates released by Microsoft.

Windows 11 is coming, but not only

According to the Xda Developers website, the channel will soon ideally be separated into two groups for two different rounds of testing. If on the one hand there is the imminent debut of Windows 11, on the other hand everything is almost ready for the Windows 10 update that has now reached version 21H2, another element that needs the attention of the subscribers.

It wouldn't be the first time that Microsoft decides to go this way, creating two parallel sections for as many field tests. The will shown by Redmond is to carry as many users as possible towards its eleventh iteration and the time is getting tighter and tighter: all that's left is to watch and keep checking the tool.