How to check iPhone battery status with iOS 11.3

Apple introduces new battery management tools. You will be able to know on the fly the health status and decide whether to disable the performance limiter

Correct battery management is one of the fundamental elements to "keep in shape" your smartphone (or, anyway, any electronic device powered by battery). If you don't take into account the health of the battery, in fact, you risk compromising the proper functioning of the device.

In the "best cases" you may see a significant decrease in battery life and reduce its life expectancy; in the worst cases, however, you risk that the battery catch fire and explode the device. Apple has always been particularly interested in the topic of iPhone battery management and, with iOS 11.3, provides users with new tools that will optimize the battery life and improve the performance of the Apple cell phones. In this way, it will take just a few seconds to check the health of the battery and know whether or not you should contact a service center for replacement.

How to check iPhone battery health

In order to get a general overview of the iPhone battery condition, just access the Settings of the iPhone, click on Battery and then on the item Battery Status. Within this section, introduced with iOS 11.3, you'll find all the information you need: from the explanation of the lithium-ion battery operation (and the reasons for its degradation) to the health status of the battery itself. Questo dato viene espresso in valore percentuale rispetto alla capacità iniziale di accumulo del componente: più elevato il valore, migliore sarà la salute della batteria. In caso di percentuale troppo bassa, il sistema operativo mobile di Apple suggerirà di recarsi presso uno dei centri di assistenza autorizzati e valutare con gli esperti se sia o meno il caso di sostituire la batteria.


Come attivare o disattivare il limitatore prestazioni iPhone

Nella stessa sezione “Stato batteria”, l’utente potrà anche gestire le performance del proprio melafonino. Apple, infatti, ha introdotto una sorta di “limitatore” che, in caso di batteria vecchia o deteriorata, rende l’iPhone lento così da preservarne l’integrità. Con iOS 11.3 l’utente potrà decidere di disattivare a proprio piacimento il limitatore e godere di prestazioni di picco comparabili a quelle dei nuovi melafonini. Just press on Maximum Performance Capability and manage the limiter as you see fit: leave it on to increase battery life or turn it off to have a snappy iPhone like it was on day one.