How to check PostePay credit

Do you want to know the balance of your PostePay card? There are several ways: post office, app, official website and even procedure without knowing the PIN

Checking PostePay credit means checking how much money is available on the prepaid card provided by Poste Italiane: it is one of the most common operations, because it allows you to understand how much money you can still spend. This check is done especially before making a purchase online or in store.

The procedures that you will find in this article are valid for all types of cards: PostePay normal, PostePay Connect, PostePay IoStudio and PostePay Evolution. To do the verification is not essential to have a smartphone, in fact you can go to a post office or an ATM Postamat and enter the PIN of the card. If you want to speed up the procedure, you can consult the online reserved area or download the Postepay app. In short, the procedures are really many, and there is also a solution for those who do not remember their PIN code. Here are all the alternatives available.

To know the PostePay credit

The first way to know the credit of the prepaid card is to go to one of the many ATM Postamat available on the territory. Inserting the card, just follow the instructions on the screen and ask for the balance. Of course, before knowing the amount, it will be mandatory to enter the PIN. This code is fundamental to keep this and all the user's information confidential, including the possibility to withdraw money.

Or you can go to a post office and present your PostePay. This service is offered free of charge to all Poste Italiane customers. In this case, in addition to the PIN you need to provide your ID.

Check PostePay balance online

If you have an account on the official website of Poste Italiane, from which you can also pay bills online, then you can access your credit from your device. Surely this is a faster operation than the previous ones. In fact, the balance can be consulted anywhere and at any time, all you need is access to the network.

If you don't have your own profile yet, registering takes just a few minutes: all you need is your personal data and tax code, as well as your card details. Once you have logged in with your credentials, you need to access the page dedicated to PostePay. Here, after clicking on the Login button, you select the card and then check your credit. The system shows both the available balance and the accounting balance. The first is the one that is actually present in the PostePay; the second is the one that is out of date.

Alternatively, you can check your credit on the PostePay app, available both for iPhone and Android systems. The app shows the balance already on the app's home screen, as well as incoming (in green) and outgoing (in red) movements. If more than one PostePay has been associated with the same Poste Italiane account, it is necessary to scroll with the finger to the right, in order to browse the different credits for each card.

PosteMobile customer? Here's how to check PostePay credit

Those who have signed a phone contract with PosteMobile have at their disposal other options to check the credit of their card.

You can receive the information via SMS, but only if you have associated your phone number to the card. After doing so, you just need to go to the SIM Settings and select the Money Control item. After a few minutes, you'll receive an SMS with the total amount of the card.

Knowing your PostePay credit without knowing your PIN

If you've lost your card's PIN, just call the toll-free number reserved for PostePay customers: 800.00.33.22. This allows you to speak directly with an operator to get assistance and trace your secret code. During the conversation, the operator will ask the user for the Fiscal Code and an identity document, as well as an address to which to send the new paper PIN code.

Of course, the operation does not allow to know the old PIN, but it provides a new one that will be delivered directly to the customer's home. The old one will be cancelled, in order to maintain a high level of security and avoid possible theft of money from PostePay. Only after receiving the new PIN will it be possible to access all the services related to the prepaid card, including the available credit.