How to check the health of your iPhone battery

An iPhone with a few years on its back can become as efficient as it once was with a battery replacement. But how to be sure?

A quite inferior battery life of an iPhone with more than a few years on the shoulders, or even relatively recent but treated without too much care, compared to the autonomy that guaranteed originally can be the indicator - to tell the truth it is almost always - of the need to replace it with a new one.

Most recent iPhones, Apple's smartphones have never stood out for autonomy, and though the days are long gone when, ten years ago or so, you'd find even a dozen people near airport charging points with an iPhone in hand, a phone with three or four years on its back may need a new battery to return to its former glory. Often, you don't need to change the phone; having the battery replaced is more than enough. To be sure and avoid an unnecessary expense, just check the health status of the iPhone battery: here's how.

Check iPhone battery cycles

There are several programs to check how many charge and discharge cycles the iPhone battery has accumulated. Unfortunately, this is not an operation that can be done directly from the phone: you need the "technological" support of a computer, but the good news is that it can be either a Windows or a Mac.

Among the available programs we recommend you try iCopyBot, which has its own version for Windows and one for Mac and, unlike others, it is paid but you can get a free trial. You can download it at this address (click on the Download entry next to the version of iBackupBot suitable for your computer, whether Windows or Mac).

After connecting your iPhone to your PC or Mac with the original cable, and downloading, installing and opening the program mentioned above, the name of your iPhone should appear on the bottom left of the application and about in the middle of the screen the blue words More Information.

Clicking on More Information opens another window containing information about the charge and discharge cycles performed by the iPhone battery: it is the number next to the CycleCount entry under Battery. "

Check iPhone Battery Health

Those who own an iPhone with iOS 11.3 or later and want to save time and steps can get an indication of the health of the iPhone battery directly from the phone. It's a much quicker procedure, but it makes you lose the detail on the number of cycles.

So: to get the most accurate indication possible, it's better to use the previous method, but if you can be satisfied with a rough but still comprehensive indication you can continue with the following steps.

Information about iPhone battery health can be found in the menu Settings - Battery - Battery Status, where it's shown the remaining capacity in percentage compared to the phone when it was new and, possibly, just below, any limitations to iPhone performance due to a battery that needs to be replaced because it's beyond the wear and tear limit.