How to check your gaming hours on PS4

If you want to check how much time you've spent playing your favorite games on PS4, follow this simple procedure.

PlayStation 4 is not only one of the most successful consoles produced by Sony, but also one of those that can boast many of the best video games. There are many titles that, since 2013, have been able to conquer the hearts of fans, entertaining them for hours and hours with the most diverse universes in pixels and polygons. The same fans who often wonder how much time they have actually spent holding their faithful DualShock 4. It is to them that this guide is dedicated, in which we will understand together how to see the hours of play on PS4, interacting with the statistics made available by the "big S" of gaming and third-party companies.

Game hours on PS4: here's how to keep them under control

Before analyzing all the steps of the procedure on how to see the hours of play on PS4, it is essential to make a premise. In fact, Sony does not always allow you to keep track of the time spent by users on video games: the Japanese giant prefers to activate this possibility periodically, with initiatives packaged ad hoc. In 2018, for example, we witnessed the My PS4 Life initiative, which allowed gamers on PlayStation consoles to consult their official statistics, related, however, only to that year. The same happened in 2020, when the company made available a portal that allowed fans of the pad to see how many hours they spent on PlayStation 4 during 2019. In short, these are sporadic events, which usually coincide with the holiday season and even give away some prizes - such as avatars and dynamic themes.

In all cases, to see our hours of play on PS4, it is absolutely necessary to have logged into the PlayStation Network, Sony's online platform that allows its technicians to associate game statistics with a user's profile. Unfortunately, these initiatives do not allow you to access the total hours of play, but only the time spent on the PlayStation 4 during the reference year and the hours dedicated to particular titles or genres. You may have guessed that there is no real feature capable of showing the statistics associated with each individual game, but thanks to third parties it is often possible to get around the problem.

How to see the hours of play on PS4 thanks to third parties

As Sony does not officially answer the question of how to see the hours of play on PS4, we still have the possibility to turn to different software houses, which in their games offer players detailed statistics. To access them, it is usually necessary to subscribe to a service made by third parties and log in to the official site. An example of this is Rockstar Games with its Grand Theft Auto V and Red Dead Redemption II: on the website of the stars and stripes company we can see how many hours we spent on the streets of Los Santos or in the wild seasons of America. All this by simply clicking on the Login button in the upper right corner, then on the PlayStation icon, and then logging in with the data associated with our PSN account. There's also no shortage of titles - such as the RPG Final Fantasy VII Remake or Hideo Kojima's sci-fi blockbuster Death Stranding - whose main menu displays game statistics, including the number of hours spent on our adventure.