How to choose a laptop for university

There are so many notebooks and they differ not only according to the manufacturer, but also in relation to the operating system and technical features

One of the most common requests made to parents by their children who have just enrolled at university is the purchase of a new laptop. A simple question on the surface, but capable of generating a lot of confusion in the head of mom and dad. The main doubt is: which laptop to buy for the new freshmen?

The easiest solution is to let the children choose directly. However, this is not always the right move. It would be better to sit down at the table and take into consideration, together, a series of elements, before going to the first mall and spend money on a device that may not be adequate for the university course of study. There are many different types of laptops, and they differ not only in manufacturer but also in operating system and, of course, technical features. A student enrolled in graphics and design, for example, will need a more powerful computer than a colleague in theology.

Degree course/study

The first factor that needs to be evaluated when purchasing a new computer is the degree course or study. It is a good idea for the student to inform himself well about the type of software he will be working with (it is sufficient to take a look at the examination subjects). In this way he will know if it is appropriate to buy a device with Windows or with macOS. Moreover, by doing this, you'll also be able to understand with which features you'll have to buy it. For example, if the faculty is architecture, which involves the use of "heavy" design programs, buying a laptop with 2GB of RAM is not really the right solution. In fact, a more powerful device with at least 8 GB of RAM is needed.


Closely related to the first point is the use that your child will make of the computer. It is very important to understand if the notebook will be used mainly at home or at university. In the first case, you might even think of buying a laptop with a very large screen, in the second, however, it is better to prefer one of those thin devices that do not exceed 13 inches. You could also opt for a middle ground: a 15'' laptop and very light. Alternatively, there are also hybrids, that is to say, devices that on occasion turn from computers into tablets. If you choose this solution, you'll avoid buying two devices: one for home and one for university. If your daughter has asked for a new laptop, it's likely that the one she has in her possession is no longer performing. Avoid buying her a notebook with the same technical features. Better to choose a device with more RAM and storage space or with a better graphics card and display. Consider another element: the operating system she has always used. Barring special situations, it would be wrong to give her a Windows device if she has been using macOS since childhood. And vice versa. It would take time for her to learn how to use the new software.

Warranty and service center

It may sound strange, but when buying a new computer it is very important to evaluate the service center as well. Just pop over to the official website and check it out. Also consider the warranty conditions offered by the manufacturer and especially the retailer. If you decide to buy the notebook online, do an investigation into the reliability of the website.

Economic incentives

Last but not least, the last but not least factor to ponder is to check whether the university or college offers partial or full economic incentives to its members for the purchase of a new notebook. You will save some money this way.