How to choose a Micro SD card for Nintendo Switch

If you want to increase the memory of your Nintendo Switch, you'll have to buy a Micro SD card compatible with the right features.

Particularly compact and capacious, very resistant, and performing: Micro SD cards are one of the most useful technological inventions in times like ours, in which each of us produces a large amount of data. And in very different fields. While many use them to store photos and videos, others opt for the purchase of these tiny cards for gaming.

In fact, there are Micro SD cards for Nintendo Switch, which try to stem the problem of low internal memory of the Nintendo console. In such a crowded panorama of offers, which one is the most suitable? How do we choose the right card for us? In this guide we will find out together, so we can enjoy the many masterpieces created by the "big N" and third-party software houses from 2017 to date.

Micro SD for Nintendo Switch: how to choose the right one

Available since March 2017, Nintendo Switch has revolutionized the video game universe. The Kyoto giant has decided to opt for a hybrid console, capable as much of connecting to the TV as to offer incredible experiences in pixels and polygons in portability, just as if it were a smartphone or one of the old handhelds on the market. And if it's true that during its life cycle has put on the plate several first party masterpieces and packaged by companies outside the "big N", in the same way the internal memory of only 32 GB is not enough to store and install them all.

That's why so many rely on Micro SD cards for Nintendo Switch and for the latest Nintendo Switch Lite, going to immediately expand the internal storage of the Japanese platform. To choose the most suitable one, there are not many features to take into account, but you can consider some basic factors to guide you in the purchase.


The first aspect to consider in a Micro SD for Switch is of course the capacity: the larger it is, the greater will be the amount of video games to download. The Super Mario company's hybrid supports Micro SD cards up to 2 TB, but you can't currently find them on the market. The 1TB cards, on the other hand, are far too massive, so it's best to opt for something in between. If you're a gamer who likes triple-A productions, you can go for a 128 GB card or more, while if your passion is indies, a 16 to 64 GB card will suffice.

Transfer speed

The transfer speed refers to the speed at which data is transferred from the card to our console. This means that the higher this value, the faster the games will be installed, loaded and run. For an optimal gaming experience, a Micro SD for Nintendo Switch should reach a transfer rate of at least 1000 MB per second.


Not only that, the brand is also an important factor that can affect our choice. Certainly, by now, all the main manufacturers present a range of products compatible with the hybrid made in Japan. If, however, you are looking for a Micro SD for Switch that will last over time and you do not have too many spending limits, the advice is to choose an official card or one of the most famous and reliable brands in the field of memory cards.

Which SD for Nintendo Switch to choose

Having established the parameters to be taken into account, it is time to find out which Micro SD cards for Nintendo Switch currently on sale are the best value for money. First of all, the official ones made by SanDisk in collaboration with the same Nintendo: there are different capacities and all high-performance, and allow you to add content from 64 GB up to 512 GB with a data transfer rate of up to 1000 MB per second.

Alternative particularly appreciable is the Micro SD Evo Select by Samsung, with its 512 GB of extra storage space, moreover at prices quite affordable and with a resistance out of the ordinary. The list of the best SD for Switch closes with the Kingston Micro SD XC, one of the cheapest of those on sale and with memory sizes ranging from 16 to 512 GB.