How to Choose a Virtual Reality Visor

From price, to technical features, passing through the accessories: there are several factors to examine before buying a virtual reality visor

Virtual reality is the future. From a simple novelty for a select few, this technology is increasingly attracting the interest of new users. Also thanks to the massive diffusion of platforms and VR visors, also available at very low prices.

LG or Samsung. Or, Microsoft or Google. Without forgetting HTC and Acer. There are many companies that have thrown themselves headlong into virtual reality, each producing their own visor. As happens in most cases, when the offer is high it becomes difficult for the consumer to make the right choice. Before buying a VR visor, it is necessary to make assessments, taking into account some variables. The first question we should ask ourselves is: what do I need a VR visor for? Do I want to use it on my smartphone, on a video game console, or on my computer? Depending on the platform, the device changes and so does its price.

What factors to consider before buying a viewer: price

The second element, connected to the first, is precisely the price. On average, the cost of a VR visor starts from 10€ to reach 650€. Among the least expensive, normally with 100 € if they are of excellent workmanship, we find those for smartphones. In second place are the visors for the PlayStation: in this case the cost can reach € 400. The most expensive devices for virtual reality are those for computers, which exceed 600 €.


Another trick to consider is on which device to use the VR visor that you have. If you have a Play Station, what would be the point of buying a smartphone viewer? None. Plus, it would be good to associate a visor with the brand of the VR device or platform it will be used on. For a Samsung Galaxy S7 or S8, it's best to buy a Samsung Gear VR. Google Pixel users should buy the Google DayDream View. On the other hand, if you have an iPhone, check if the visor you would like to buy is compatible.

Technical features

Then you should consider the technical features of the visor. Even in these situations, it is important to keep in mind its usage. Some of them are a tad complicated and intended only for an experienced audience. The simplest viewers are the wireless ones and for mobile devices: to use them you only need to download an application. The visors produced by Samsung or Google could be the right choice. If, on the other hand, your desire is to immerse yourself in a complete virtual experience, you might consider buying more complex visors, such as HTC's Vive and PlayStation VR. These devices, in fact, can connect with cameras and other tracking systems. Obviously, the price bar rises.


Another feature not to be underestimated are the accessories to add to the visor. There are all kinds and prices. The gadgets for VR devices are very important and allow us to better manage, and without excessive effort, the virtual reality experience. A controller, for example, will prevent us from moving our heads or eyes to turn a game on or off. And some of them are strongly recommended. Again, everything will depend on how we use them. If you have decided to buy the PlayStation VR, an important accessory is Move, the motion controller from Sony.