How to choose a wireless keyboard

Wireless keyboards are comfortable and practical, especially those backlit and for gaming: here's how to choose the one that's right for you.

Believing that finding the best wireless keyboard is an easy task, is unfortunately a mistake. In fact, not all keyboards on the market are the same, just as the needs of those who would like to buy one are different. Not to mention the significant cost fluctuation between the various models. With prices starting from a little more than 10 euros you can get your hands on keyboards of all kinds, from traditional ones to those designed for gaming, passing perhaps for those with integrated trackpad. So let's take a look at some of the main features that you need to take into consideration before buying a wireless keyboard, whether it's to connect to your computer, tablet, smartphone, or even to your Smart TV.

Best wireless keyboard: buying guide

As we mentioned, to choose the best wireless keyboard for our needs we have to pay attention to some specific factors. Don't worry though, these are not strictly technical and difficult to understand elements, but just some basic rules that can guide us in the buying process without making us find ourselves completely unprepared. Before proceeding, you have to take into account that the "rules" to follow are also valid for wireless gaming keyboards, although the latter must boast specific features to meet the particular demands of gamers - from key rollover to polling rate, passing through anti-ghosting. Usually, the lovers of the pixel and polygon universe opt for a mechanical wireless keyboard, which is faster and more reliable in pressure.

Layout and dimensions

Keyboards, as you know, can have different layouts, i.e. different dispositions of the keys on their shells. In Italy, the most common is the QWERTY layout, but to choose the best wireless keyboard in tune with our "profile" is important to focus on one that has a layout familiar to us. Not only that, but obviously the dimensions also vary. From this point of view, it is advisable to look for the keyboard with the lines that best match our personal needs and the device with which we intend to use it.


Wireless keyboards, nowadays, can use two different options to communicate with the computer - or with another device: Bluetooth or 2.4GHz Wi-Fi, both with a range of about 10 meters. Generally, considering the ease of interface and wide compatibility, keyboards that take advantage of Bluetooth technology are preferable to those with Wi-Fi connection, for which you also need a proprietary USB receiver to work.

Trackpad and customizable keys

Some keyboards not only have keys for traditional typing, but can enjoy different input systems. Among the most common we have the trakcpad, which is completely integrated into the chassis. This has the same functions as the mouse in devices where it is not present, although the pointing system is less effective. In addition, larger keyboards may have multimedia control keys for music and video, a numeric keypad, or even some programmable keys to assign various functions.

Accessory Features

Finally, there are accessory features to consider when choosing the best wireless keyboard. Those who work in the dark, for example, might consider a backlit wireless keyboard, while those who spend a lot of time away from home might prefer a keyboard with built-in rechargeable batteries rather than AA/AAA batteries. Closing out is ergonomics, especially if we plan to type for a long time with our new keyboard.