How to choose between Power Bank or Rechargeable Cover

To choose between Power Bank and Rechargeable Cover you have to consider many aspects: the power bank can be used for several purposes.

The spread of smaller and smaller mobile devices is not only beneficial, in fact, the size of the batteries and the increase in functionality cause a significant reduction in autonomy. To avoid running out of charge when you are away from home or from an electrical outlet, you can buy a portable battery, with which you can solve this problem once and for all. Let's see which device you should buy and how to choose the best portable charger for your smartphone.

Power Bank: features, pros and cons

One of the best solutions to charge mobile devices away from home is the Power Bank, an extremely efficient and powerful portable charger. The Power Bank is an extremely efficient and powerful portable charger that is ideal for travelling and on the move, as it restores the device's autonomy when an electrical outlet is not available. Inside there is a lithium-ion battery, with an integrated circuit that manages all the main functions, recognizing the various devices that are connected to the device.

The Power Banks have USB ports and micro USB inputs, with standard charging system with 5V voltage, or ultrarapid with nominal voltage from 9 to 12V, a solution that allows you to reduce the time. These devices allow you to charge any type of device, including smartphones, eReaders, Bluetooth speakers, iPads and tablets, with connection via USB-A or USB-C ports on the most innovative and modern products.

To choose the right Power Bank you need to consider some aspects, such as battery capacity, number of USB ports, the presence of faster and more efficient USB-C connections, the possibility to use the fast charging system and accessory features. The price of an inexpensive Power Bank starts from just 20 euros, while to buy a good quality model you need to spend at least 50/60 euros if not more.

Rechargeable Cover: features, advantages and disadvantages

In addition to Power Banks, to charge mobile devices away from home you can use a rechargeable cover. Specifically, these are Battery Covers, devices similar to a normal cover for smartphones and iPhones, with which you can restore the battery capacity in a simple and practical way. In this case, all you need to do is to apply the cover to the phone, which differs from a traditional model for the slightly greater thickness, and then the device will be charged automatically.

The cover in turn can be charged either by keeping it on the device, or by removing it and connecting to the electrical outlet alone, using a normal USB cable and a charger. In order to know when the battery cover is about to run out, most devices have an LED light that indicates when it is time to charge the cover. The main advantage is the small size, in fact you just need to insert the structure on the phone for it to recharge itself, extending the overall autonomy provided by the main battery.

On the market you can find both models for Android smartphones, with prices starting from 18/20 euros, and specific devices for iPhone iOS. This is in particular the Smart Battery Case from Apple, an accessory compatible from the iPhone 7 and up, which can be purchased on the official store of the Cupertino company at a price of 149 euros. Apple offers the rechargeable cover in three different configurations, black, white and sandy pink, for an autonomy of up to 33 hours of talk time and 21 hours of internet browsing.

Power Bank or Rechargeable Cover: which to choose?

The choice between Power Bank and Rechargeable Cover is not easy, in fact you have to consider a number of aspects, to understand which of the two represents the best solution according to your needs. First of all, the operation of both is quite similar, since they are two portable batteries for charging mobile devices, so their purpose is the same. Battery Covers have a fairly limited use, as they can only charge the smartphone they were designed for, so they are only good with that device.

The Power Banks on the contrary are multipurpose, so they can be used to charge any compatible device, from phone to tablet, from Bluetooth speakers to smartwatch. In addition, their larger size allows for a longer battery life, as Power Banks have more power than rechargeable covers, especially mid-range or top-of-the-line models. On average, a good quality product has a battery capacity between 5,000 and 10,000 mAh, much higher than the Battery Cover.

In general, for those who travel often, travel for work or stay away from home for a long time, the best choice is undoubtedly to buy a Power Bank, a device with which you can charge any mobile device quickly, even simultaneously. If you just want to increase the autonomy of your smartphone, you should buy a rechargeable cover, an inexpensive accessory that can improve the life of smartphones and iPhones, especially devices with a few years of age that are discharged after a few hours.