How to choose the antivirus for your company

Choosing the antivirus for a company is an important step: you need to check that the program is updated and that it protects against ransomware

When we buy an electronic device for our company, especially a notebook or a desktop PC, the first step is to install an antivirus.The number of programs for computer security is practically infinite and choosing the right antivirus is not easy. In order to make sure that the software protects all the data of the company, the antivirus must have precise characteristics.

Until recently, those who had a small and medium business did not worry much about computer security. And often they didn't even use antivirus. That's because cyber criminals tended to target large corporations and multinationals almost exclusively. Nowadays, however, the cybercrime market is constantly growing and even SMEs have become easy targets for hackers. That's why it's crucial to use reliable techniques to secure your enterprise.

Key Features

First, it's good to understand whether you need a simple antivirus that performs few tasks or a full protection suite. This will depend on the size and activities performed by our SME. Also, it is essential to understand if the security program is compatible with all the computers in the company. Otherwise, money will be spent unnecessarily. To ensure that the software works properly, it is necessary to understand whether the SME's security policies will need to be changed or updated.

Basic parameters

In order to choose the best antivirus for your company, it is essential to evaluate a number of parameters before purchasing. We must not, in fact, rely on antivirus alone, but consider it as part of a broader security suite. One of the key parts is the firewall. These must always be active otherwise our SMB will never be safe. Before choosing a program, let's check which ones have received a better rating in comparison tests carried out by specialized companies. However, the final choice should fall on the one that best suits the company's needs. For example, antiviruses that also offer ransomware protection are the best. It is also important to check that the antivirus is constantly updated: a program that is not supported by the software house has a short life and is not ready to protect computers from hacker attacks.

Check attachments

In addition to the basic features, the antivirus of a company must also have a whole series of additional functions. For example, in-depth scanning or checking downloaded files and attachments in emails. Then don't forget about the features for optimizing the computer's performance. An antivirus that doesn't aim at this aspect could slow down the company's production processes. Finally, it is essential to opt for multi-user solutions and that you have an excellent customer support.