How to choose the battery of the electric scooter

What are the peculiarities of the battery of the electric scooter, which is better to choose between the two types, how long does the recharge and how to replace it.

A new fashion increasingly popular in Italian cities is to move, especially in the center, with electric scooters. These eco-sustainable and smart means of transport are perfect for those who do not want to deal with city traffic to go to work and want to help make their city cleaner and greener. The models available on the market are many, but how to choose them? An important factor to consider is the battery of the electric scooter.

In this article we will see what are the main features to consider before buying a battery for electric scooters, how to prolong its life and how to replace it.

Battery type and power

The batteries for electric scooters are of two types: lithium and lead acid. Lithium batteries are considered the best choice, because they are much lighter (a feature that should not be underestimated when talking about a means of transportation such as the electric scooter). Moreover, they have the great advantage of not having "memory effect". This means that they can be charged even when they are not completely discharged and that they keep their charge longer even during periods of inactivity. Finally, lithium-ion batteries have a longer lifespan: they can last up to 4/6 years.

The only disadvantage of lithium batteries is the cost: they are much more expensive than lead-acid batteries. However, the longer life, higher performance and less maintenance make them a short-term investment that is worth facing.

Battery autonomy and recharge times

The battery autonomy, or the number of kilometers you can travel with the electric scooter before having to recharge it, obviously depends on the model. Generally, it ranges from a minimum of 20 km to a maximum of 60 km for the most powerful models, but much depends also on the type of road you travel, driving style and weight of the driver. If in fact you follow a slightly sloping route, or a city stretch with several intersections for which you often have to stop and restart, we recommend that you choose a battery for electric scooter powerful and high performance.

As for the recharging time, a full recharge can last from 4 to 5 hours for medium range models, and "only" 2 hours for very high range ones.

Electric scooter battery life

The battery life of an electric scooter is measured in recharging cycles. On average, batteries last in perfect condition up to 1000 cycles (the most powerful up to 1500), after which they slowly begin to lose power, until they are completely exhausted. This means that the duration of the charge, once exceeded 1000 cycles, will be less and less, risking to make your electric transport unreliable. In the course of this article we will explain how to replace the battery of your electric scooter, but let's see what you can do to extend its life.

First of all, we advise you not to let the battery run out completely before charging your electric scooter: the ideal would be to keep the charge level between 20 and 80%.

The second advice is not to expose the scooter for too long to sunlight or to temperatures above 45°, which should be done especially in summer. In winter, similarly, cover the scooter with a cloth to protect it from rain, humidity and low temperatures.

Finally, to prolong the life of the battery of your electric scooter, do not leave it standing with the battery charged for too long.

How to replace the battery of your electric scooter

Replacing the battery of your electric scooter is a very simple operation: in a few simple steps you can give new energy and new life to your scooter. First of all it is necessary to get a battery compatible with the one of your model: you can buy those of the same brand or of other brands, as long as, as we said, it is compatible.

Once you have bought the battery, you can replace it. This operation must be done with the electric scooter turned off. Open the battery compartment and disconnect the cables and any supports; then, remove the battery. Remember that used batteries must not be disposed of in the household waste, but must be disposed of in the waste disposal areas of your city. Alternatively, you can take it to a store that sells electrical and electronic items.

Finally, insert the new battery, connect the cables and any supports and finally turn on the scooter. If it turns on, you have properly replaced the battery in your electric scooter and you are ready to go again.