How to choose the console for retrogaming

Some companies have decided to re-propose some of the consoles launched between the 80s and 90s. From the Super Nes to the Atari Flashback Deluxe, here's what to choose

Retrogaming, a term in vogue recently, that is since many users have rediscovered the charm of old video games. Some companies, sensing the market margins, have decided to repropose some of the consoles launched between the '80s and '90s. One of the first was Nintendo.

The Japanese company, in fact, has launched the Nintendo Nes Classic Mini, a miniature version of the famous Nintendo, an eight-bit console presented for the first time back in 1985. And many other companies are following the example of the Japanese company. Vintage consoles, presented in a modern key, not only allow the "older" generations to take a dip in the past, but are also finding a lot of interest in a younger audience. The choice is growing, both in terms of video games and in terms of the consoles available to users. Here are the main ones.

Nes Classic Mini

As anticipated, Nintendo has gone back in time by presenting the Nes Classic Mini. The console, with the same aesthetic appearance (apart from the size) of the successful version launched more than thirty years ago, has 30 pre-installed games and also includes the classic joypad (in the package there is only one). The price of the console is around 60 euros.

Super Nes Classic Mini

In addition to the Nes Classic Mini, Nintendo is ready to launch on the market the Super Nes Classic Mini. The console, which will be available for purchase starting September 29, 2017, is nothing but a smaller version of the famous Super Nintendo, the 16-bit gaming platform presented in 1991. It includes 21 games (pre-installed) including Mario Kart, Donkey Kong Country and Street Fighter Turbo. Users who buy the Super Nes Classic Mini (at a price of about 70 euros), will also find in the box the two historical controllers with the four colored buttons.

Sega Genesis Flashback

Do you remember Mega Drive, the 16-bit console launched in 1989 by Sega? Well, it will soon be available again (on September 15) thanks to AtGames, which has created a device that reproduces some of the most famous games of the old console. The Sega Genesis Flashback includes 85 titles, including Sonic, Mortal Combat and Phantasy Star. And that's not all. The most interesting feature of the console is the slot that allows you to insert even the old Mega Drive cartridges. The console from AtGames will cost almost 80 dollars, about 67 euros.

Atari Flashback Deluxe

The older ones will surely remember the Atari 2600, one of the first consoles ever made. The console is back, thanks to the Atari Flashback Deluxe. It is a replica with 101 games, which includes two wireless controllers and two traditional joysticks. The Atari Flashback Deluxe can be bought at a cost of 60 euros.

Retro Freak

Retro Freak is a hybrid console, that is, it lets you enjoy games from multiple platforms. Retro Freak is compatible with the original cartridges of Nintendo, Super Nintendo and Game Boy (including Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance), Sega Mega Drive and PC Engine. It includes a controller similar to that of the Super Nintendo and also works with other and more modern joypads. The only flaw is the very high price: almost 223 euros.