How to choose who can read our posts on Facebook

By entering the settings of your Facebook account you can decide who can see the content you publish: from photos to videos

The relationship between Facebook and privacy has always been quite conflicting. Facebook is the social network par excellence: more than two billion members publish images and videos of their private lives every day. Sharing photos of your vacations or your young children, however, can be dangerous, especially for your privacy.

The images and videos that you post on Facebook can be seen by all users registered to the social network, unless you change some privacy settings. If you want to keep some of your private life safe, you should share some images only with your friends or a small circle of people. Few people know this, but limiting the view of your posts on the social network is very simple: it only takes a few minutes to limit the visibility of posts on Facebook. Here's how to do it.

Set Privacy

The first step to do in order to choose who can see the posts published on Facebook is to enter in the Settings and change some privacy parameters. After entering the Settings of your account, you need to click on the Privacy section in the left column. This will open a new page that will allow you to decide who can access the content you publish on Facebook and who can send us friend requests.

To limit the visibility of posts on Facebook you must press the Edit button next to the item "Who can see your future posts?". A pop-up menu will open from which you can choose several options: Everyone (not recommended), Friends (recommended), Friends Except, Specific Friends, Only Me. If you choose Friends except, the contents will be visible to everyone except a small circle of people on a special black list. With Specific friends, however, the posts can be seen only by people in a white list.

Block friends

It is not always possible to delete people from your friends list: in some cases they are relatives or colleagues at work who may be offended. But if you don't want them to see what you post on Facebook, you can put them on a special black list. Facebook, in fact, allows you to create lists where you can insert your friends: the person included in the list with restrictions will not see on Facebook the content that you share by setting the privacy on "Friends". It will only see the content that you publish with privacy set to "Everyone", on the diary of a mutual friend or those in which you tag him. Facebook will not send a notification to people we add to the With Restrictions list.