How to clean your computer, from monitor to keyboard

Here are six tips on how to best clean your computer while avoiding buying expensive products and increasing the life of your device

Hackers are a computer's first enemy, but dust is definitely a close second. Dirt settles on our PCs incredibly quickly and can lead to damage to hardware as well as allergies.

Keeping your computer clean is one of the first tasks to ensure a long life for your device. Dust can ruin a number of PC components. Dirt accumulated underneath the keyboard, for example, can ruin certain keys, which will need to be replaced or will no longer work. Excessive dust can damage the fan and thus endanger the life of the computer, but can also cause minor damage to the screen. Here's how to effectively clean every component of your computer, from the screen to the keyboard

Cleaning the Screen

To remove dust from the screen, people often use rough towels or paper towels. Nothing could be further from the truth, because these not only risk scratching the screen, but also leave lint that falls out and settles under the keyboard. And in the long run they can cause damage to the keys and the touchpad. The advice, therefore, is to use only microfiber cloths to clean the screen of your computer. They won't leave marks or lint on the keyboard. More importantly, they won't scratch the screen.

Chemicals banned

Cleaning your PC with chemicals is always discouraged. Alcohol, ammonia or acetone can damage the device and especially the plastic components. Chemicals also strip the paint off the keys and risk ruining screens, especially those with anti-glare. The perfect computer cleaning fluid can be made at home. All you need is some water and white vinegar. Mix these two products in a glass in equal parts and slightly moisten the cloth before cleaning the PC. Be careful, don't soak the cloth but only moisten it.

Addio to scratches

Toothpaste can be perfect to get rid of a few too many scratches. Of course, there are some cautions to take. We avoid using too much product on a single scratch, and then we don't use toothpastes with particles or whiteners which can actually damage the device instead of helping in the repair. We apply the toothpaste directly to the scratch and then wipe it off with a microfiber cloth. And that's it.

Addio to dust

To remove dust, hair and dirt nothing is better than a hair dryer. With this system you can clean the keyboard, the fan parts and if we are good at opening our computer even the various internal parts. Here again two tips are fundamental. Use cold air only and avoid blowing on the computer at full power.

Hard dirt

To blow away dust from hard to reach places you can use an empty syringe or a classic perette. This system is convenient for blowing away dust from places like radiators and fans. If we have vacuum cleaners with special nozzles we can use them. Always keep the power at medium-low to avoid damage.

Cleaning keyboard and mouse

How do you clean dirt from under the keyboard or in the mouse slots? Nothing simpler. We take again the product of water and white vinegar that we made at home and wet a small microfiber cream. We then take a knife and screw it with the cloth. With the tip of the knife we pass between the slots of the mouse and the keys. In this way we will clean even the most hidden corners of our computer.