How to configure modem Fastweb

Do you have a router to configure for ADSL or fiber Fastweb? Here is a quick guide with the parameters to be set in your network equipment

Thanks to the resolution "Modem Libero "of the Guarantor Authority of Communications (AGCOM) today you can use your own modem router giving up the one offered on loan for use by the Internet service provider, saving a few euros on the subscription. If your Internet provider is Fastweb, there might be some obstacles to overcome.

If you have an ADSL or FTTC (Fiber To The Cabinet, i.e. the fiber that reaches the cabinet in the street) subscription, you can use any modem router alternative to FastGate; if instead your subscription is FTTH (Fiber To The Home, fiber to the front door, the latest and fastest connection of all) then finding a modem for Fastweb fiber alternative to FastGate could be complicated. If you find yourself in this situation, it is advisable to contact Fastweb customer service to get more information about it.

But how to configure your home modem to make it work with Fastweb? Here is a brief guide to the main parameters to be set on the router to surf the Internet with Fastweb even with a "free modem".

Configuring Fastweb free modem: preliminary operations

First of all, the modem router must be compatible with the type of Fastweb network. If the connection is ADSL, then the modem must support the ADSL2+ standard (ITU-T G.992.5), while if the connection is FTTC it must support the VDSL2 standard (ITU-T G.993.2) up to profile 35b and the SRA, G.INP (ITU-T G.998.4) and vectoring standards (ITU-T G.993.5).

After verifying the compatibility between router and Fastweb network, the first steps are to turn on the device and connect it to the telephone socket (in case of ADSL connection) or to the optical terminal installed by Fastweb technician (in case of fiber connection). In the latter case, you'll have to connect your router to Fastweb's ONT (Optical Network Terminal, a small box that acts as a bridge between the fiber optic and the router) using an Ethernet network cable of Category 5e or higher, which you'll insert into the WAN Ethernet port of your router. Finally, you need to connect the router to a fixed PC or notebook via a normal Ethernet network cable.

Once you've finished the connections, you need to connect from your computer with the router and configure it with the right parameters for your Fastweb network. Per accedere al pannello di controllo del router bisogna aprire una finestra del browser e digitare l’indirizzo IP del router stesso, che di solito è (ma potrebbe essere diverso, in tal caso si troverà l’indirizzo giusto sul manuale utente del modem router o sul retro del modem stesso). Dopo essere entrati nella configurazione del router bisogna aprire la scheda relativa ai parametri di rete e configurarli con questi parametri, comunicati da Fastweb.

Parametri router ADSL Fastweb

Nel caso di connessione ADSL Fastweb i parametri da impostare nel router sono:

  • VPI/VCI: 8/36
  • Protocollo: RFC 2684 bridged (dinamico)
  • Incapsulamento: LLC
  • DHCP client: abilitato
  • DHCP server: abilitato
  • NAT: abilitato

Parametri router fibra FTTC Fastweb

Nel caso di connessione in fibra FTTC Fastweb i parametri da impostare nel router sono:

  • DHCP client: abilitato
  • DHCP server: abilitato
  • NAT: abilitato

Fastweb mette a disposizione una guida alla configurazione dei 15 modem alternativi al FastGate più diffusi: la trovate a questa pagina, accessibile solo se siete già abbonati a Fastweb e registrati a MyFastPage.