How to contact Iliad customer service

If we are Iliad customers we have several methods to contact customer support, via web, with the application or with the toll-free number, here's how to do it

After landing in Italy, Iliad spent a few weeks to fix its customer service, toll-free numbers for assistance and official applications. Now, however, it seems that the French company has completed the work to create its contacts, so here's how to talk to an Iliad operator if we have activated a SIM.

To know our credit, to understand the promotions and additional services active on our SIM or to solve problems on our phone line, contacting customer service is essential. If we are Iliad customers we have basically two ways to do it: with the toll-free number to talk to an operator in the flesh or via the web using the official website of the French company or alternatively one of the official applications Iliad. If we were near one of the first Iliad physical stores in Italy we can also receive free assistance in person from the clerks of the Iliad center.

How to talk to Iliad operator

The number to remember to contact the Iliad customer service is 177, which is active from Monday to Friday from 8.00 to 22.00, while on Saturdays. Sundays and holidays is active from 9.00 to 20. The call is free only and exclusively if we are Iliad customers otherwise the service is charged. The service can be used both for technical and administrative assistance.

And if we were abroad for leisure or work? In that case if we need customer support from Iliad we will have to contact the toll free number +393518995177. If we talk to an operator at the end of the call we will be asked to leave our name and surname, email address and phone number to receive the satisfaction questionnaire via email. It is a tool to evaluate the service received. There are also codes that can be used to receive quick information with Iliad. If we make the 400, for example, we will receive information about our residual credit.

How to talk to Iliad from another operator

To contact Iliad from the SIM of another operator in some cases we can just dial 177 and pay the call to consumption according to the rate plan provided by our operator. Some users, however, have complained of an inability to call the 177 toll-free number from non-Iliad SIMs, especially with Wind, TIM or Vodafone operators. If you can not contact the customer service from the phone of another operator then the advice is to call the number for foreign countries, which is also active in Italy, namely +393518995177. Even in this case the cost of the call depends on the rate plan set by our operator, although it must be said that online several users have claimed to have managed to contact Iliad customer service from another operator simply using the voice minutes of their tariff.

How to contact Iliad customer service via the web or with applications

If we have a computer and do not want to waste time to contact by phone Iliad customer service we can always connect to the official website of the French company and then access the personal area to receive assistance. With this service we can monitor consumption, make a recharge, find out the remaining credit, manage additional services or receive information on active promotions. If instead we want to use the customer service from our smartphone we can install the two official applications of Iliad: Visual Secretariat and Mobile Config. The first program is used to manage voicemail and all additional services, but also to find out the remaining credit and data consumption. While the second app, as the name says, is used to configure the SIM for the first time.