How to contact Kena Mobile customer support

Problems with the Kena Mobile SIM? Contacting the service center of the virtual operator of TIM is quite simple: here's how to talk to a Kena operator

Active on the Italian market for several years now, Kena Mobile is one of the MVNOs preferred by users of the Bel Paese. In addition to being able to count on a very wide network coverage (Kena relies on the TIM network, with signal coverage on 99% of the territory and support for 4G with speeds up to 30 megabits per second) and offers in line with those of other MVNOs, Kena Mobile offers a customer service that can be reached wherever you are.

Whether you have technical or commercial problems, it doesn't matter: by contacting the service center via phone or Internet you can talk to a Kena Mobile operator and find a simple and immediate solution. In the following paragraphs we will see how to contact Kena Mobile customer support via phone, via web or via social networks and thus be able to talk to an operator and find a solution to the problem that afflicts you.

How to talk to Kena Mobile operator

To be able to contact an operator of Kena Mobile customer support you have two different numbers. If you're calling from Italy, you'll have to dial 181 and follow the instructions of the recorded voice to find the solution to your problem: you'll be able to know the remaining credit and thresholds, deactivate offers and options or solve some technical problem you're having (such as recovering your Kena SIM PIN). If you have problems while you are abroad, however, the number of Kena Mobile customer service is +39.350.59.99.181. In both cases, operators will answer from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. seven days a week.

Contact Fai da te Kena Mobile

Kena Mobile also offers its users a Fai Da Te phone support service, which provides useful information without the need to speak to a live operator. The do-it-yourself service is available at the toll-free number 40181, while if you are abroad you will have to call the number +39.350.59.99.345

Kena Mobile customer support: the other channels

Kena Mobile customer support is not only reachable by phone. You also have web and social channels at your disposal. In the Support section of the site you can find various forms, a section dedicated to the phone configuration, an area dedicated to the Kena Mobile signal coverage and a How to area with a series of common questions and answers.

In addition, you can receive assistance for your Kena number also through the official social channels of the mobile virtual operator. You just need to chat on Facebook or Twitter to contact the customer service: explain what your problem is and wait, within a few hours you should be able to talk to someone.