How to contact Spotify customer support

In this article, we'll give you detailed instructions on how to contact Spotify customer support through different systems. Here's how.

More and more people are using Spotify to listen to music from the web or via smartphone: there are so many artists and albums available on demand, from the most famous to the most unknown. This is a truly useful and varied service, thanks also to the efficiency of Spotify's assistance, capable of solving any problem. After all, it couldn't be otherwise, for a service that is used by millions of users. But how to contact Spotify? There are different ways.

Contact Spotify support via the online form

To contact Spotify customer support, the main way is to fill out a special online form. You will have to log in to your account by entering your credentials, or log in through your social networks. Once you get access to the main page, you'll have to select a category, based on what is the request you want to make to Spotify support, and then a reference topic. This will open a page that will automatically show you a series of possible solutions, related to the reference topic. If you don't find anything interesting among them, the next step is to click on the words "I still need help".

At this point a form will be proposed, which should be filled out in its entirety, entering your name and surname, and illustrating the type of problem you want to solve. Then you'll need to press Send question, so that the Spotify support service can receive the report and respond, which it will do relatively quickly. The response will be sent to the email address that you used for registration or linked to your Facebook profile.

Contact Spotify support via Facebook

Another way to contact Spotify support is by using the Facebook social network. Once logged in, you'll have to access the SpotifyCares page, which is designed specifically to provide support. You'll then simply have to access the chat window and ask the question you care about. In this case, however, you'll have to write in English. It can also be useful to access the service's main fanpage, trying to clarify your doubts there, although in this case the Spotify support will not answer the messages, but a bot will. Sometimes it can also be useful to consult the posts already published, where you could perhaps already find some answers without asking further questions.

Contact Spotify support via Twitter

Sotify support can also be contacted via the Twitter platform, through a special account through which it provides help and updates. In this case, to contact the support, you will need to write a tweet addressing it to the appropriate account, @SpotifyCares. Also in this case you'll need to write in English, explaining the problem you encountered, then just send and wait for a response. For more general questions, instead, it will be sufficient to contact the @Spotify account or @SpotifyItaly. Even in this case it may be useful to consult the tweets already posted, where there may already be the necessary information.

Other ways to contact Spotify support

There is no Spotify support number, but there is a special page dedicated to contacts, where you can find all the email addresses and addresses. However, Spotify also has its own official guide, where there are already many questions and answers, among which you can find the resolution to your problems, but also several tutorials that explain step by step how the service works. It will be sufficient to access the home page and search for the topic of interest. It will be sufficient to type in the space provided the problem about which you want to ask for information. Or you can search by category.

A valid alternative to seek assistance for Spotify is the dedicated community, through which users can interact with each other, discussing various topics, and at the same time find support for any technical problems. To access it is to connect to the home page and try to type the topic on which you want to receive information in the appropriate search field. This will open a page where you can search for answers already present on that topic. You can then take part in the discussion by clicking on Reply. Alternatively, if you do not find satisfactory answers, you can open a new topic ad hoc, by clicking on Start a topic, at the top left.

In the community there are also articles that can be consulted, as they contain useful explanations on many topics and operations of Spotify assistance. In this case, it is not possible to interact, but you can post comments. Finally, the community can also be explored by category, by selecting the topic of interest.