How to create a digital book with ePubEditor

EBooks, or digital books, are the future of reading and creating one is easy: you can use ePubEditor that allows you to enter data and text.

In recent years more and more passionate readers choose to abandon the printed paper to switch to the more practical digital eBooks. Once you have overcome your initial hesitation, you will discover that electronic books are an amazing innovation and can greatly expand the concept of publishing itself: thanks to digital publications anyone can enter the world of writing and online there are many practical tools for self-publishing eBooks. With Libero Tecnologia, discover how to create your own eBook with ePubEditor!

What is an eBook

An eBook is nothing more than a book in digital format, accessible via computer or other media devices such as smartphones, tablets or eReaders. Books in digital format have many advantages that have made them extremely popular in recent years: first of all, they can be read on a wide range of devices, they can be accessed at any time and in any place without taking up space, and they are often cheaper than the paper version.

To read an eBook comfortably on any device, however, the book must be saved in the right format. There are several file formats for eBooks, which have different features and compatibility with software and reading devices: ePub, short for electronic publication, is one of the most popular formats worldwide for publishing digital books; it is an open standard with great flexibility that allows you to adapt the files to the display in a simple and immediate way.

Creating an eBook

In response to the growing demand for tools, devices and programs dedicated to digital publishing, a number of software programs have been developed to download and read eBooks, convert and export them to multiple platforms and publish your own digital book. In this area, ePubEditor is one of the best tools for self-publishing eBooks.

Easy to use and free of charge make ePubEditor a valuable ally for anyone who wants to publish an electronic book. Thanks to this program you won't have to download any application to your PC: just go to the site, register or log in with any social account, and you'll immediately start creating your eBook online; the software also lets you share the files on the web and export them in multiple formats depending on the purpose.

How to use ePubEditor

Creating an electronic book from scratch can be a long and difficult task, especially if you're not very familiar with the field: in addition to processing the contents of your book, in fact, you'll also have to make sure to format them correctly. That's why ePubEditor has developed an extremely simple and intuitive interface that allows you to create and download your eBook with a few quick clicks. Follow this short guide by Libero Tecnologia to discover how to use ePubEditor at its best.

Once you have registered to the site you will see a menu appear where you can both create your ePub and view the showcase of digital books made available by other users. At this point, by clicking on the New eBook button you can start to write your work. First of all, the software will ask you to enter the general data of the work and the cover: title, author, subject, age range, language and metadata. Metadata is information about your book such as publication date, publisher, description, genre, etc.

Writing the text with ePubEditor

Once you have filled in the general data, in the drop-down menu of the Contents section, select the item New Generic text with image/audio/video. This will open a new window, similar to any other writing interface, with very easy to use commands. If you have already drafted the text with another program such as Microsoft Word, Apple Pages or Google Docs, all you have to do is import the text into the new screen, otherwise now is the time to write your book! All changes you make will be saved automatically by clicking on the X in the top right corner.

To organize your text into multiple chapters just go back to the main menu and select a new Generic Text block with image/audio/video for each subsection of your book; ePubEditor will automatically create a table of contents for the chapters, which you can check at any time by going to the Contents section. You can preview your book by clicking on the eye icon.

The software also allows you to insert images, multimedia links, audio and video files, lists and tables; moreover you can take care of the graphic appearance by choosing the style of paragraphs, font, colors and formatting. Once you have finished the last details, click Export eBook and choose the format you prefer. At this point your digital book is already available online, but if you buy the Premium version starting from 36€ per month you can take advantage of some useful additional services, such as editing for EPUB to be distributed, creating professional PDFs for letterpress printing and conversion to Amazon Kindle formats.