How to create a pet service website

Pet stores also need a website to increase business. Here are the tips to follow to make the website

Taking care of your four-legged friend is very important. Having a pet does not only mean feeding it, cuddling it and taking it out to potty, but it also means taking it to specialized centers to undergo "energizing" treatments.

For a few years now, the so-called pet services have made their appearance, offering treatments and services to make your pet feel better. Lately, the sector has experienced an impetuous growth, with a greater number of stores offering the same services and treatments. In order to stand out in such a competitive industry, it is necessary to invest in a website that shows users/customers why we are the best in the business. The website can introduce your store to new people and increase your business.

The services offered

What services are offered? And why would a person entrust their pet to your facility? What treatments are used? All this information must be present on your website in order to win the trust of the user/customer. An unclear description of the services offered, would lead a user to look for other pet service stores in the vicinity.

The images of the structure

Before entrusting their four-legged friend to a pet service, users must be sure that it is the best in the area. For this reason it is very important to publish nice pictures of your store. The more pictures we publish on the website, the more likely it is that a user will choose our pet service store. A suggestion: take pictures on sunny days and with the animals happy with the treatment they have received.

Treatment videos

Another content that can not be missing on your website is the video of the treatments done on animals. Showing the professionalism, the seriousness and the passion of our employees, convinces the users/customers who entered our site to visit the physical store and to buy one of our services.

Reservation form

It is very useful to have on the website a form for online reservations. In this way, users can directly choose the day and time of treatment.


How to remind users that it has already been three months since they last brought their four-legged friend to your pet service? Through a personalized newsletter where we will show the new treatments in our store and maybe offer a 10% discount if you bring your pet within 15 days. To be able to send a newsletter it is necessary to obtain your consent and also your email address.

The importance of Local SEO

To attract new customers it is necessary that the services we offer are known outside of our city. And the easiest way to do this is to invest in Local SEO: that is, optimizing the content on the website for search engines. Being an activity, that of the pet service, which relies heavily on territorial proximity, it is necessary to focus on keywords that contain a province or region. An example could be "best pet service province of Milan", "dog treatment Lazio Region". But to understand on which keywords you need to optimize your website, you need to use a service that helps us in the choice of keywords. There are also free ones: Google Keyword Planner and Answerthepublic.