How to create a poll on Instagram

In this article, we'll explain how to create polls on Instagram, one of its most welcome features, and how to respond: here are some tips on how to do it.

Instagram is one of the world's most beloved social networks that has helped change the way we all interact with interests and passions, helping to increasingly aestheticize virtual storytelling. Because, you know, an ugly and grainy content (photos, videos) on Instagram is really out! For those who are passionate about this social from the beginning or for those who discovered it recently, there is little to do: impossible to do without the Stories.

Among the most popular features on Instagram in recent times is the ability to make real polls, an easy and really useful way to increase interactions with your users, both for your personal profile and for work. Here's how to optimize this feature and some useful tips for creating your own poll and participating in others', letting yourself be inspired.

How to make polls on Instagram

To start experimenting with the polls option on Instagram, first log into your profile from mobile and create your Story. Carefully choose the content you want to share with your contacts and select from the various icons at the top of the screen, the one with the smiling sticker symbol that will open up a varied world of possibilities to bring your Story to life. In this case, click on the label of the Survey where you will see a very basic table where you can write your question and below will be available to your followers the two answer options: the simplest of all here, as in life, but also the most definitive, Yes and No.

In these two fields you have the ability to change the two options, customizing your survey as you see fit. Of course, always keep an eye out for typos and misprints, otherwise it will become a survey about your grammar and linguistic knowledge... Social networks are unforgiving! After filling out the simple table, start unleashing your imagination and creativity to implement your Story, inserting some text elements, drawing freehand, adding colors and backgrounds, or clicking again on the icon with the sticker to add what you need. For example, with Emoji Sliders, it will be easier to inspire users to respond to the survey.

In any case, avoid inserting redundant GIFs or too many tags, because the focus should remain on the survey to be taken on Instagram. As soon as you're ready to show off your brand new Story, share it with your contacts. From this moment, your followers will have 24 hours to respond. And you'll be able to check the progress of your Instagram poll in real time, viewing users' responses. You will have at your disposal the whole overview of those who have viewed the story, participated in the survey and responded. Remember to check everything within the usual 24 hours after publishing the Story, otherwise you won't be able to keep track of the result!

How to answer surveys on Instagram

Maybe you haven't noticed until now, but surveys on Instagram are widely used by the world's most important brands. From fashion, to food, design and furniture. Even the most authoritative news sites make good use of it to use a method of disseminating news even on a visual social as Instagram. Each company, brand, or magazine studies its content strategy, there are those who use the method of ironic quizzes as a teaser history before an in-depth study, or who use Instagram polls to present their products, or to ask users for their opinion before launching the product itself, in market research mode. As you can imagine, there are many objectives that have to do both with marketing and with the increase of brand awareness. This is because, surveys in Instagram Stories offer a high rate of engagement with little expenditure of cost and energy, to have in a short time the valuable insights that signal the engagement of the community and users.

What matters a lot is creativity, along with the effectiveness designed and calculated according to the brand itself. For business profiles that have at least 10,000 followers, for example, there is the coveted possibility of swipe-up in the Stories, being able to insert, even in the Instagram poll, the clickable link that brings traffic to their website or to a crowdfunding campaign, or to the desired call to action. It's about using, after all, the technique of gamification, that is, the technique of involvement, derived from the dynamics of the video game, which intervenes on the approaches of users and modifies behaviors and directions, managing to involve and develop engagement and therefore to convey more interest. So, answering questions on the Instagram Stories of your friend or your favorite brand is very simple, just fill out the survey and you're done!