How to create a secret chat on Telegram

Do you want to exchange private messages with your colleagues and friends? Then this feature can be really useful for you. Here's how it works

Among the different features of Telegram, there is also the possibility to create a secret chat. This is an even more secure and armored channel than a normal or group chat. In fact, this tool is designed for users who want to have even more protection and security when conversing from the app.

Unlike other Telegram chats, secret ones use end-to-end encryption by default. This means that all messages sent or received are blocked from outside intrusion. Each conversation is as if it passes inside an underground tunnel, thus becoming invisible to third parties. No one can intercept or decipher the messages of a secret chat. Even the developers can't access them, and this allows the interlocutors to feel really safe. This type of chats are marked by the padlock and can be used during exchanges of private information related to work or personal life.

The features of a secret chat and when to choose it

As mentioned, one of the most important features of a secret chat is the end-to-end encryption and this is a very important security guarantee, because no one can intercept and read the messages, and any files transmitted. In fact, as it happens in any other type of Telegram conversation, you can also send photos, videos and other documents here.

However, compared to a normal chat, it is impossible to forward received messages and when you decide to delete one, it is deleted for everyone. Compared to other chats, you can order messages, files, photos, and videos to self-destruct within seconds after being read by the receiver. Finally, secret chats are not saved in the cloud so they can only be read from the device where they were written. If you keep your device in a safe, even the chats will remain in there, no one will be able to extract them.

These types of conversations can be useful in many contexts, especially when you want to exchange particularly confidential information, which needs to be protected in any way. They can be used by professionals, during possible agreements and negotiations, but also by a person who wants to transmit some news in a strictly private way to a contact. In short, it is a channel that can be useful in many situations, that's why it is important to know how to create it.

How to create a private chat on Telegram

If you use Telegram on an iPhone or other device with iOS system, just create a new message by pressing the appropriate icon in the upper right corner located in the Messages section. From here choose the "new secret chat" item and the subsequent messages will be indecipherable to outside eyes. If you want to create a secret chat on Android, start Telegram and scroll to the right to open the app's menu. Also in this case, you'll find the "New secret chat" item that will allow you to write and receive your messages without fear. Remember that this channel has a padlock symbol, if you don't see it, it means that the chat is normal.