How to create an Instagram Template

The features of the Instagram Template, its importance, how to create it, customize it using one of the best existing apps and how to share it.

"Let's get visual" is the main leitmotif of Instagram, as everyone knows. One of the social of the moment that shows us in all its complexity the power and poetry of images. A social network where mainly "the eye wants its part" to then give birth in each of us, all that range of emotions that the chromatic beauty and visual impact are able to return in a few moments.

With the proliferation of content of all kinds, spread over many different social networks, today, what captures the attention, is the uniqueness and uniqueness of a content that manages to stand out in the crowd, like a colorful flower in a meadow all the same. So, it is really the case to say that every visual element on Instagram has its importance. Let's think about Instagram Templates, which can also be created ad hoc and customized to make your profile as unique as that one flower that stands out in the green lawn we were talking about.

The importance of the Template also on Instagram

Let's start from the term itself, Template, which comes from English and means "Template" or "Model". And, in fact, the Template is a custom graphic template, which can contain text, images, photos and graphics both static and animated to go to represent the structure that goes to permeate a site, a platform and, indeed, even the content of Instagram that allow it. But why is the template so important? Because an effective graphic layout that is consistent with our brand identity reinforces our message and increases user engagement.

How to share and create a template for Instagram

Sharing a template on your Instagram profile is very easy, since you can take a screenshot of the blank template that interests you and that caught your attention, upload it as a standard image in the gallery of your mobile, and leave it as the basis for your Instagram story to be implemented. To get started with creating a custom Instagram Template there are many applications, here are the best.


Canva is one of the world's most popular graphic design tools that employs a drag'n'drop format in managing visual and textual elements and allows you to have a database of photos, vector and graphic images and fonts. The platform can be used both from desktop and mobile devices by installing a free app for Android and iOS and is designed for both professionals and less experienced users who have no graphic knowledge. Canva offers a number of templates that are ready to use or that, at your choice, can be transformed, using them as the basis for the Template you need.

Start by creating a free account or log in via email or Facebook, start a new project and choose in the "Social Media" section, the format for the Template you want, namely for Instagram Post or Story. In the search bar you can type in some keywords to see the Templates that are closest to the desired topic appear and from there choose your base. On Canva you can indulge in your own photos to upload, graphics, backgrounds of many colors, and you can save your templates to decide from time to time to modify them as desired. Canva is a free platform, but many templates and templates are only available to upgrade to the Pro version, where you can access other very useful features.


This is one of the most famous apps for making wonderful templates for your Instagram Stories. Much appreciated by users for its simplicity and usability, designed for both IOS and Android. So, download the app and you'll find yourself with a very basic interface. In addition to the main menu, the icon to create stories and the one to remove those already done. In the Unfold store there are numerous types of templates available, some free, others accessible by subscription. Among the most popular layouts, its minimal and elegant frames, where you can insert multiple photos in the same story.

Give vent to all your creativity to choose the right background color, insert the various stickers, text and even videos. Keep in mind that you can't edit photos in this app, so, it is convenient to do the desired editing with other tools before uploading the image to the layout. Unfold is ideal for making storytelling covers on Instagram and for headings.


Another well-loved app for mobile devices is PicsArt (also present for Windows) that allows you to edit images very intuitively and create desired Templates for posts and Instagram Stories. In this app for iOS and Android you can edit images as you like, making collages, mixing photos, inserting text elements, colors, stickers etc. Also, on PicsArt you can use instant messaging via chat for sharing images that you can edit in groups.