How to create and use Memoji on iPhone and Android

Creating and using Memoji, customizable avatars in your likeness, is easy on both iPhone and Android: you can use them with Whatsapp and save them in the gallery.

Memoji stickers, or those customizable caricatures of ourselves that you can send on Whatsapp using iPhone (6s and up), are having a lot of success.

Let's not kid ourselves that you too have received an animated smiley face from friends or family and now want to understand how they work and how to create them. In this short guide, we'll explain how to make your own virtual avatar in just a few simple taps.

Memoji Stickers: How They Work

Thanks to the iOS 13 update, Memoji have become available to a lot of people: before, these virtual avatars could only be used by owners of very recent Apple phones, from iPhone X onwards. Now, even those who own a non-new iOS smartphone can take advantage of these funny caricatures. However, it is important that the iPhone has the A9 chip, which makes Memoji stickers available from the fifth generation onwards (including iPads).

The presence of a tabbed menu allows you to change every detail of your appearance: from haircut to skin color, from eyes to teeth. You can also insert AirPods in your ears or tongue piercings. The animations that can be created are of various types: from laughing caricatures to sleepy ones, from stressed Memoji (whose brain explodes) to those with heart-shaped eyes. You can send them directly from the Whatsapp keyboard.

How to Create Memoji Stickers

The procedure to create Memoji stickers is quick and easy. First, you need to access iMessage, select the icon with the smilies and tap on the menu with the three dots. Once you have opened the menu with the various emoji, swipe from left to right. In this new section you'll find the most common Animoji in static form as normal stickers. To create a new Memoji press the + button.

At this point the editor opens where you can create your own Memoji. From here you can edit the facial features. When you are done editing the facial details, press the button in the upper right corner.

Now, within the menu dedicated to traditional emoji, you can find your Memoji in the form of a sticker that you can send to your contacts. However, you probably use iMessage very little and want to know how you can use Memoji Stickers on Whatsapp, by far the most popular and used messaging app.

The Memoji Sticker on Whatsapp

To use Memoji stickers on third party applications like Whatsapp just go to the menu where the classic smilies are present: you will automatically see your Memoji stickers available.

If you are chatting with someone, just click on the smiley icon at the bottom of the keyboard (although it changes depending on the type of keyboard you use) and scroll to the top: here you can find your personalized avatar in a static key and choose between different expressions and grimaces. If you want to add more to your catalog, click on the icon with the three dots (...) and then on the + icon.

How to get Memoji Stickers on Android

Currently only Apple devices are able to create Memoji Stickers. So you just need to download the latest update to use them. But not everyone knows that Android smartphone owners can also use Memoji and share them with their contacts! The procedure for obtaining them is simpler than you think: just ask a friend or acquaintance of yours who owns an iPhone to create a Memoji and send it to you via Whatsapp. Once received on your smartphone, you can save the Memoji in your virtual keyboard, so you can use it as many times as you want.

If you own a Samsung smartphone, remember that you have AR Emoji, especially in the latest models, such as Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S10. Using your smartphone's camera, you can create beautiful caricatures of yourself by simply selecting "Emoji AR" in the list of shooting options. You can customize your avatar's complexion, hair, face and even clothes.

Don't have a Samsung device? No problem. Just download a very interesting app: Zepeto, an application that lets you create your own avatar and turn it into a sticker to share on Whatsapp and other social networks. Also, you can make your avatar live a virtual life, making it meet your friends who use Zepeto.