How to create emoji and stickers with your selfie

Using GIPHY Sticker or Sticky AI, two applications available for iOS, you can make custom stickers with our face

They are never missing from our conversations, so much so that they have now become an expressive tool that complements, and in some cases even replaces, our language. We're talking about emoji and stickers, the smilies that express our state of mind. Which, however, are standard and limited.

Would you like to create many more, different and above all original, than those offered by smartphone manufacturers and applications? There would be many advantages. We could use the new fonts, to give an example, to better depict our emotions. If you're wondering how to do it, don't worry. It's really very simple. It is so easy that it is even possible to make emoji and stickers with our face, to be used to communicate, having fun, with friends and relatives. How? By resorting to the "fantastic" world of applications. We will take two in particular: GIPHY Sticker and Sticky AI. Both are available on iOS.

GIPHY Sticker

GIPHY Sticker, as the name suggests, allows you to create your own stickers. First, of course, you need to download the application from the App Store. The program is free. Once you have installed GIPHY Sticker, open it and create a new "Card". Here, you'll have various solutions available, three in particular. You'll be able to drag an image to the section from the gallery, download it from the Internet or take a photo. Let's consider the latter option and take a selfie. At this point you'll be able to edit the image and decide whether to make it public or private. In the first case, the app gives you the option to insert tags. Now, the sticker you've created is ready to be shared. Just choose the app and the contact. And that's it.

Sticky AI

Another good solution (just consider that it was developed by Prisma labs) to make emoji and stickers from selfies is Sticky AI. The application, compared to the previous one, differs in that it makes use of artificial intelligence. The software, in fact, works by automatically eliminating the background of the image. It is sufficient, to create a sticker, to take a photo with the frontal sensor. Alternatively, you can also record a video. The app allows you to add text, colors and many filters to the sticker. Sticky AI is compatible with most instant messaging apps. This means that the smilies are accessible directly from the app you choose to chat with.