How to create lists with Facebook

The feature allows you to make a list about New Year's resolutions, cities to visit, things to do and post it on your profile

On Facebook, you can create to-do lists and share them with your profile. The new feature was released on February 14, 2018 in the United States and in the coming weeks it will come worldwide. But what is it all about? Of a new tool that can be used to make posts published by users more appealing.

Also the ability to create lists is part of the strategy launched by Mark Zuckerberg at the beginning of the year to get users back to interact with their friends. The overwhelming power of Pages in recent years has worsened the quality of the debates that every day are born on the social platform. Mark Zuckerberg wants to bring Facebook back to its roots and the new Lists feature is just a small piece of a much larger puzzle that will be completed in the coming months. Lists will be able to be shared on your account and friends will be able to comment on them and use them as a cue to create more.

How to make lists on Facebook

The feature takes its cue from the colorful backgrounds that Facebook introduced in late 2016. Using the same kind of colorful images, users will be able to create lists with different themes: New Year's resolutions, cities to visit within five years, things to do in the day, restaurants to try.

To create a list, click on the "What are you thinking about" tab and then choose Lists from the available options (Photo/Video, Tag your friends, Register, etc.). At this point we'll have to choose the colored background, the theme of the list (travel, restaurants, resolutions) and then make the list. Once this step is complete, you can publish it on your profile. Our friends will be able to comment on our list and be inspired to create one of their own. After years in which the News Feed (the News section that welcomes us when we log on to Facebook) has been conquered by photos, videos, memes and articles of the Pages, Mark Zuckerberg wants words to return to be the protagonists.