How to create profiles on Disney+

Disney + allows the creation of different profiles and the registration of more than one device. Here's how to do it and what are the limits to be respected

After months of waiting, Disney + is available from March 24 also for Italian users. For those who don't know, this is a videostreaming platform specializing in movies, TV series, children's programs and documentaries. As you can guess from the content available, it is a valid competitor to Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Rakuten TV and all other services that offer content on demand. From these platforms Disney + takes its cue also for the operation: it allows, in fact, to create multiple profiles so that each user can access with their own personal account.

For each subscription Disney + (cost of 6.99 euros per month or 69.99 euros for a year), the platform allows you to create up to seven different profiles, including one dedicated to children, in which there are only content suitable for them. Creating profiles on Disney + is very simple and immediate: for each one it is possible to assign a name and a profile photo to choose from among the over 200 available (all characters from the world of Disney). Having the ability to create seven different profiles, however, does not mean that you can see the platform with seven devices connected at the same time on the same subscription. In this respect there are limitations that you need to know very well, such as how many devices you register on Disney + and how many people can watch Disney + at the same time. 

Disney +: how to create profiles

The creation of profiles is one of the most useful features of Disney +. In this way, each member of the family can enter their personal account and get personalized recommendations on what to see.

The procedure for creating profiles on Disney + is very simple: after logging in from the app, PC browser or smart TV, the home screen of the platform will open and you must select the "+" icon with the words "Add Profile". At this point a new screen will open where you can choose your profile image: you can select one of the over 200 icons made available by Disney + (these are characters from Disney cartoons, movies and TV series). Once you have chosen the image, you will have to enter the "Profile Name" and decide whether it is a "Children's Profile" and whether to activate "Autoplay", the function to automatically play the next video in a series. By clicking on Save, the Disney + profile will be created.

Disney + allows you to create up to seven different profiles, including children's profiles. Everyone will be able to access the full Disney + catalog, without any kind of restriction.

How many devices can I register on Disney +

How many devices can I register per Disney + profile? There is no maximum limit set for each profile, but the limit applies to the entire subscription. A maximum of ten different devices can be registered. It may happen that a profile has registered three (computer, smartphone and tablet), while another only one (smart TV), the important thing is not to exceed ten devices.

How do I delete a device from my Disney + subscription? Here the matter becomes a little more complicated: there is no tool within the Settings that allows you to delete a registered device, but you have to contact Customer Service and have it removed manually.

How many people can simultaneously watch Disney + on a subscription

Another very interesting question concerns the number of people who can simultaneously watch Disney + with a subscription. If the maximum number of profiles that can be created is seven and the maximum number of registered devices is ten, the maximum limit of people is four. If a fifth user of the family accesses their profile and starts watching a content, it will be blocked because the maximum limit of people has been exceeded