How to deactivate an unsolicited paid subscription

The AGCOM has activated a toll-free number that allows you to check for unsolicited subscriptions on your smartphone: here's how it works

Everyone has happened at least once to find an unsolicited service activated on your smartphone and a couple of euros deducted from your phone credit. A misadventure that unfortunately happens too often: just click by mistake on an advertising banner or open a web page to find a subscription activated. An unfair practice that AGCOM and telephone operators in recent years are trying to fight, activating ad hoc tools in defense of users.

In addition to the possibility of activating the barring SMS, a tool that blocks any attempt by fraudsters to activate unsolicited services, now comes also a single toll-free number that allows you to check if your users are present on subscriptions to payments. The service is offered directly by AGCOM that in this way tries to put a brake on this unfair and very annoying practice. Available seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day, the toll-free number 800 44 22 99 is the easiest way to deactivate unsolicited services: here's how it works.

How to block activation of unsolicited services

If you notice a shortfall of 5-6 euros on your phone account, the fault could be some unsolicited service activated fraudulently while surfing the Internet. What to do to check and eventually deactivate the unsolicited service and get a refund? Very simple, just call the toll free number 800 44 22 99, a new service launched by AGCOM to help users block unsolicited subscriptions.

Using it is very simple. You have to call the toll-free number, active every day twenty-four hours a day, and an automatic voice will check for the presence of any unsolicited active subscription. In case the presence of a paid service is detected, you can ask for its immediate deactivation and also for a refund from your telephone operator.

What is SMS barring

Usually this kind of services are provided through SMS or MMS. For this reason, phone companies allow users to activate SMS barring, a tool that nips any paid subscriptions in the bud. To request SMS barring activation, simply call your operator's customer service or access the private area via the application.