How to deactivate Iliad paid services

Deactivating active value-added services on your Iliad SIM is easier than you might think. It will only take a few minutes to get rid of them forever

In the last few days, you've noticed something strange on your Iliad SIM: despite the fact that you recharged it a short while ago, the remaining credit has quickly run out, without you consuming the data threshold of your Iliad offer. A big problem, which in most cases has only one culprit: the activation of so-called value-added services.

These are paid subscriptions, those services that provide information, news, horoscope and links to funny and viral videos or images that are activated by clicking, even by mistake, on a banner ad that appears in a video game or while reading a news with the smartphone. Fortunately, deactivating paid services on Iliad SIM is quite simple: within a few minutes, in fact, you will be able to get rid of them and you can also get a refund of the amounts deducted from your remaining credit.

Deactivate paid services Iliad

As always, to deactivate paid services Iliad you can use the toll-free number 800.44.22.99 set up by AGCOM. The service of the Guarantor Authority for Communications allows you to get rid of paid subscriptions with a simple call and without having to interact with people in the flesh: just follow the directions of the recorded voice and ask for the deactivation of all value-added services. In case there are any problems, the AGCOM toll free number will also allow you to speak directly with the customer care of your operator, without being forced to call the number again.

Or, of course, you can call Iliad customer care directly and speak with an operator to have the VAS services deactivated.

Block Iliad paid services

Have you deactivated all subscriptions that were activated erroneously on your mobile number? Well, but to avoid further surprises, it is more than advisable to activate the blocking of paid services. Also in this case the procedure is quite simple. You'll just need to access the Personal Area of Iliad's website, click on My Options in the left menu and then on the pencil icon to change your preferences. From here you can activate the blocking by putting a check mark in the item "Block calls to paid numbers and SMS+" in the Configuration section of the option.

Get a refund Ilaid paid services

If the subscription services have been activated in error, you can ask for a refund of the amounts that have been charged in the bill or deducted from the remaining credit. Call the customer service at 177 and explain to the operator what happened to you: if the case is successful, in a few hours at most you should get what you are entitled to.