How to deactivate paid services 3

Did you inadvertently activate paid services on your 3 number? No problem: deactivating them will only take you a few seconds

You've received a text message from your carrier warning you that your credit balance is running low. A rather strange message, since you had recharged a few days ago and you should still have a few euros of credit left. Opening the app (or calling customer service) you realize that you have been charged a few euros for a weekly subscription to a service that you had never heard of.

Searching online you discovered that it is a paid service - also called value-added service - that you probably activated without realizing it by clicking on some advertisement in a video game or on a banner that suddenly appeared while reading a news item from your smartphone. A big headache, since paid services (such as jokes, subscription news, funny videos and images and others of this kind) have weekly costs of several euros and are intended to swell the amount of your phone bill.

So, if you need to know how to deactivate paid services 3, we can help you. Fortunately, in fact, value-added services can be deactivated within a few tens of seconds. Not only that, but if less than seven days have passed since activation, you can also ask for a refund of the paid services that have been activated in error and, to avoid any more nasty surprises, activate the block of paid services. Let's see how to do it.

Deactivate Tre paid services

Have you just discovered that one or more subscription services are active on your Tre number? No problem: the telephone operator offers you several methods to get rid of value-added services in no time at all.

First of all, you can call the toll-free number set up by AGCOM to deactivate paid services and, at the same time, ask for a refund of the amounts spent. Just dial 800.44.22.99, follow the recorded voice and disable unwanted subscriptions. Alternatively, you can call the 3 customer care, get in touch with an operator and ask them to deactivate the unwanted services that have been activated by mistake.

If you are looking for a faster solution that does not require a call, you can go through the My3 app or through the Customer Area of the website In the first case you'll have to download the app on your device (it's available both on the App Store and Google Play Store), log in with your profile credentials (or create one, if you don't have one) and wait for the interface to load. Then click on the hamburger menu icon (the one with the three parallel horizontal lines), choose Options and Active Services and then Subscription Services. From here you can manage the subscriptions active on your number 3. On the site, however, you must click on the Customer Area link at the top right, enter your credentials in the fields in the center of the screen and wait for your personal profile to load. Now click on the menu item Profile and, at the bottom, choose Active Services: from here you can access the list of active subscriptions, which you can manage as you wish.

How to ask for a refund of unwanted services Three

As we said at the beginning, if less than seven days have passed since the activation of the subscription, you can ask for a refund of the amounts that have been deducted from your remaining credit. You can do this either by calling the AGCOM toll-free number 800.44.22.99, asking to speak to a customer care operator, or by calling 133 directly, getting in touch with an operator and asking to activate the refund procedure.

How to block paid services 3

After having deactivated services and asked for a refund, it is advisable to activate the block of VAS services, so as to avoid unpleasant surprises in the future. The easiest way is to call customer care at 133, talk to an operator and ask for SMS barring activation: after receiving a confirmation message, you no longer have to fear fraudulent advertising banners and VAS services.