How to deactivate PosteMobile paid services

Is your PosteMobile credit running out due to value-added services? Find out with us how to deactivate and block them

A few minutes ago you received a strange SMS on your PosteMobile number. In the message, which came from a number that you have not registered, you are warned that you have activated a paid subscription to receive news, download ringtones or see funny pictures and videos, with a cost of a few euros per week.

A rather strange thing, since you do not remember ever having requested something like this. A mystery, however, easily solved: maybe without realizing it you clicked on a banner ad in a game or opened a link received via SMS and here you are with a paid service activated on your PosteMobile number. You do not have to panic, however: fortunately, deactivate PosteMobile paid services is quite simple and, above all, takes a few tens of seconds. In the following paragraphs we will explain both how to deactivate them and how to block paid services on your PosteMobile card, so that you don't have to worry about it anymore.

Deactivate PosteMobile paid services

Have you recently received the text message alerting you of the activation of value-added services on your cell phone? Then take a few minutes of your free time and let's see how you can deactivate it. For example, you can call the AGCOM toll-free number 800.44.22.99, which will allow you to reach your goal through an automated procedure. On the phone, in fact, a recorded voice will answer and guide you through the deactivation process in a few tens of seconds. After verifying that there are indeed active subscriptions, it will ask you if you want to deactivate them or if you want to contact PosteMobile customer service. Obviously, choose the first option and wait until you receive a confirmation SMS from the operator itself.

Alternatively, you can deactivate PosteMobile VAS services by calling the service center of the virtual operator or by accessing your personal area of the PosteMobile website.

Block PosteMobile paid services

To avoid having any kind of worries, we recommend you to activate the block of PosteMobile VAS services. The procedure, in technical jargon, is called SMS barring: you will have to call the service center of the telephone operator and ask for the activation of this service. Alternatively, you can send a written request (using this form) to one of the following addresses:

- Casella Postale 3000, 37138 Verona

- 800 242 626

- [email protected]

Ask for PosteMobile paid services refund

After the "spring cleaning" on your SIM card, you can contact the virtual operator to get the refund of the amount you spent for subscription services activated by mistake. To do so, you can either call the AGCOM toll-free number 800.44.22.99 and ask to speak to customer service operators, or call 160 directly and explain what happened to those who will answer you.