How to delete all photos from iPhone

After months or years of use, the photos taken with our iPhone may clog all the memory, here's how to delete images in one touch

Regardless of the storage capacity of your iPhone, sooner or later the memory of your Apple phone is bound to run out. And among the main causes of this "scarcity" of storage resources are photos. Those pictures that we take dozens every day and after months or years slow down our iPhone.

To restore speed to our iPhone and recover some space on the memory the advice is to delete the photos in the Gallery of our apple phone. Most people to delete their photos manually go to the iPhone gallery and then select the pictures they want to delete from the memory of the smartphone. This is a simple but time-consuming method and is not particularly effective for recovering storage space. On our iPhones, and even on the iPad, it is much easier to delete all the photos in the memory at once with a few simple steps.

Before deleting photos on the iPhone make a backup

Before proceeding with the explanation to be able to delete all the photos in the memory of our iPhone we must remember to make a backup, in this way we will save all the pictures made with our Apple smartphone in a cloud service and we will not lose our memories. If we use a cloud service among the most famous and used we find iDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive. Alternatively, we can use iTunes to back up the images and save them on our computer or on an external hard drive.

How to delete all the photos from your iPhone

Once you've backed up or saved on your computer or external hard drive the photos you're ready to delete all the shots from the memory of your iPhone permanently. First let's go to the Photos application on our applephone and then select the "All Photos" item. Basically in this way we will see all the photos sent and received on the messaging apps, albums and camera roll. In the upper right corner we find the Select option that we need to press. Unfortunately for us, iOS 11, the operating system inside our iPhone, doesn't have the function to select all photos with a single tap. However, to succeed in the same operation, we just need to keep our finger pressed on the last photo and once it is selected, we slide our finger to the left side of the screen to select all the photos in the Gallery. Selected photos are easy to recognize because they show an icon with a blue check mark in the lower right corner. Once the photos are selected we will find a trash can icon in the bottom right corner, we have to tap on it with our finger in order to delete all the shots from our iPhone memory.

How to manage recently deleted photos

On the iPhone there is a folder called Recently Deleted that identifies the images deleted by the user in the last thirty days. It's a kind of limbo where you can retrieve some important shots that were accidentally deleted. Each photo has a label with a # that indicates how long it will still be stored in the folder. Unless you manually restore them, these photos will automatically be permanently removed from memory when the countdown reaches zero. If we are sure about the already deleted photos, we can stop the countdown by manually deleting the photos in the Recent Deleted folder. In this case we just need to delete them by clicking on the Delete All button in the bottom left corner of the folder. Again, a pop-up notification will first appear warning us that this action is not reversible.

How to delete your iPhone photos using a Mac

If you have access to a Mac there is an even easier way to delete all your photos from an iPhone, but also from an iPad, at once. If you have set up iCloud to sync your Apple phone with your Mac all your photos should show up in the menu of the Computer Photos application. So all we have to do is turn on the Mac sync smartphone and Mac and then open the Photos app from the computer. Here we will see all the images on our iPhone. At this point we press Command + A on the keyboard to select all our photos. Once we have selected all of them, we right-click on one of the selected shots and from the drop-down menu we have to click Delete All. And that's it.