How to delete already sent messages on WhatsApp with Delete for All

WhatsApp is releasing the new Delete for All feature that allows iOS and Android users to delete an already sent message within seven minutes

After several testing periods WhatsApp is releasing the new feature that allows users to delete accidentally sent messages. This solution was suggested to the developers of the messaging app by the users themselves, who several times had misunderstandings by sending conversations in the wrong chats.

The new feature, which will be called Delete for All, will give iOS, Android and Windows Phone users the ability to delete any message sent thus avoiding bad figures. Provided that the contact to whom we wrote does not immediately read the message. Per poter usufruire di questa nuova caratteristica bisogna aggiornare WhatsApp, tramite il negozio delle applicazioni del nostro smartphone, all’ultima versione disponibile. La revoca per i messaggi inviati vale per qualsiasi tipo di conversazione inviata: messaggi di testo, immagini, video, GIF, messaggi vocali, schede di contatto, file, posizioni e risposte agli Stati.

Come cancellare i messaggi su WhatsApp

cancellare-messaggio-whatsapp.jpgFonte foto: WABetainfo

La nuova funziona di WhatsApp

La domanda a questo punto è: come fare per cancellare i messaggi su WhatsApp? Semplice, basta selezionare il messaggio e premere sul pulsante Elimina. L’app ci chiederà se intendiamo confermare l’operazione e se noi procediamo il messaggio inviato verrà cancellato dal dispositivo del contatto con il quale stiamo chattando. The person may still receive a notification, on Android, if they have the Internet active and the screen turned on at the time of our revocation. The message simply informs the user that the incoming conversation has been removed. If the screen is locked instead WhatsApp does not show any notification on either iOS or Android. At the moment, the function to delete messages does not work if we have sent a quoted text, that is, when we respond directly (especially in group chats) to a particular message. The function does not have unlimited time, a message can be deleted only in the first seven minutes after the initial sending. At the moment, the function is not very efficient, if our recipient has not updated WhatsApp to the latest version, in fact, the function Delete can not be used. Although the developers of the messaging application have guaranteed that soon this function will be implemented in previous versions of the service as well. The function to delete messages can also be used in the desktop mode of WhatsApp.