How to delete Android apps you don’t use

We often install apps on our smartphone and don't delete them even if we don't use them anymore, here's how to manage useless programs on Android

When we buy a smartphone every app or video game we install works perfectly and the phone runs very fast. After a while, however, the device starts to lose some steam, experiencing slowdowns, bugs and constant problems. Social media, messaging apps, video games, apps that were used once and then abandoned in the memory of our smartphone. Over time, there are so many programs that are installed on our mobile device. If we are not careful and do not delete unnecessary applications from our Android smartphone, in no time we will have no more memory space available to take photos and videos or to download new programs that we need. Also, as mentioned, we may have bugs, slowdowns and continuous problems on our device.

Delete apps from Google Play Store

The Google Play Store is not only the digital store for Android devices' apps, it is also a useful tool for managing the programs installed on our smartphone. So, through the Google Play Store we can quickly account for all the apps installed on our phone and also understand which ones we use the least and which we should delete. First, we launch Google Play Store and from the main page at the top, press on the menu, marked by the three horizontal lines. Then tap on the My apps and games item and then on the Installed item. Here we'll find a list of all the apps on our device and know which ones need to be updated and which ones are already updated. Now click on the icon with the three horizontal bars in the top right corner and choose Last Used.

Detect your least used apps with Google Files Go

If we don't want to waste too much time on the Google Play Store, we can install a program that manages unnecessary apps for us and helps us delete them when needed. The program in question has been developed by Mountain View itself and is called Google Files Go. Once you've installed the app from the home page, look for it and tap on Unused Apps. It will open a new tab where in chronological order by the date of last use will be shown all the programs that we do not launch for a long time. Choose the ones you don't want to use anymore and click Uninstall. Easy, isn't it?